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Chengdu reported more than 10 cases of fraudulent credit card online sun sweet "Beware of the metropolis police informed more than 10 cases of fraudulent credit card case, the national day went to Paris on vacation, returning to a self portrait and boarding card photo: go to the Civil Affairs Bureau pulled a marriage certificate, I look at the sun sweet…… Many people love this way once in the circle of friends, but this information is likely to be stolen. A little attention, your home address, ID number, mobile phone number and even social relations will be crystal clear and tangible, even the bank card stolen brush case…… Chengdu city police informed the day before, the suspect Xiao Wen (a pseudonym) chat records scattered information using the circle of friends, together to submit personal information, bank card fraudulent money more than and 10. The police searched that he has nearly 30 people "Filing", identity information, mobile phone number, a few friends, occupation etc. at a glance. When he was stopped, he was ready to commit the crime again. Case frequency verification SMS woman credit card stolen in October 5th, the metropolis police, victims and other parties learned the whole case from the WCC reporter. Xindu District Shibantan Ms. Yang is a victim. From April this year, she received a number of shopping sites, third party payment platform sent to verify information. And received a credit card issued by the bank sent a message, saying that someone tried to modify its bank card information. Ms. Yang thought it was fraudulent messages, did not bother. Unexpectedly, in July, Ms. Yang also received a bank SMS, SMS tips, a number of her bank online banking login in the morning. Ms. Yang felt something wrong. The second day early in the morning, she went to the bank after the query surprised: "bank card balance of $1400 has been transferred to another credit card on a credit card, but that I have no activation, in the end who operate a few of my accounts?" She also found that the name is much more difficult to express a new post bank card, and the card money has been stolen brush 10 thousand yuan. Net suspects out of the bank preparing again arrested Ms. Yang to the metropolis police reported. The police preliminary investigation found that the victim is far more than the Yang, after a lot of mocha, unannounced visits, will eventually Jintang County Xiao Wen lock (micro-blog). July 18th, after the completion of the bank card business Shaw out of the bank was arrested by the police. I have to sort out all the information of the victim, the bank card business is also handled, ready to return to the home cell phone control, began to steal credit card money." Rushed to catch up with the face of the police, Xiao Wen quickly admitted his modus operandi. Xiao Wen explained that last year he cracked a friend’s mailbox, found in his mailbox, Ms. Yang et al. After that, Ms. Xiao Yang through the master’s identity information, try to change the relevant telephone card related to ms.. He went to Ms. Yang bank card is lost on the grounds, apply for a bank card to the bank. After a careful operation, he quickly received a new card under the name of yang. Search page 28 scattered information for nearly 30 people in the "Filing" from 2014, Xiao Wen began consciously to collect personal information of others, and repeatedly committing the crime succeed. Xiao Wen confession, QQ chats, Wei Bozhang相关的主题文章: