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Beauty In todays world of Intense Fashion, there would hardly be any woman who would not be familiar with the term Bronzers. However, for those of you who are not sure about what exactly is the purpose of bronzers, let us take a quick look at its definition and purpose. Bronzer is actually a thick powder like substance which resembles the powdery foundation. However, it acts opposite to the foundation. Where foundation is used to make your skin look brighter or adjust it to the color of make up, bronzers help to tan your skin without getting a sun bath. Therefore you dont have to walk to the shop in downtown, to go and lay down in the ultraviolet tanning bed. In fact you can tan yourself according to your desire easily by using the bronzers. Bronzer comes in different colors, depending on how much tan you want to look. Bronzers are coming in different types now. Some of the most popular ones can be categorized as: Powder Bronzer: Powder bronzers are just like the thick powder foundation and they are perhaps the most common type of bronzer around. They are ideal for people who have an oily skin and who are finding it hard to find a perfect solution for their skin. Powder bronzers can be applied easily within seconds and they can be applied all over the skin. Moisturizing Bronzer: These are also known as cream bronzers. These are meant to be used by people who are having a dry skin. If you have an oily skin and you pick up a cream/moisturizing bronzer, you would find it very excessive. The skin would really look like a complete mess. However, one good thing about the cream bronzers is the fact that they can help to highlight each particular feature of skin in an excellent manner. Gel Bronzer: Gel or fluid bronzer is another addition to the variety of bronzers available. Gel bronzer can be applied to your skin along with the foundation as well. It quickly absorbs in your skin. Some of the useful tips while applying a bronzer would include: While applying a bronzer always spread the bronzer with brush in a circular motion. This helps you to evenly spread it all around your skin. This also helps to highlight the features of your face. If you are not sure about what color or density of bronzer you should use, try to go for multi-tonal bronzer. It will readily mix with your skin color. If you are not sure about what kind of bronzer you should apply to your skin, check for your complexion as pinkish skin normally goes with a bronzer which has a blend of pink in it. However, if you have an olive color skin, try to go for honey or orange blend. Although it might sound a bit too over conscious but try to go for a bronzer which comes with SPF. This helps to have maximum protection against the UV rays. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: