Bring Spa Home To Experience The Joys Of Spring-mia farrow

Health Find affordable and accessible ways to treat that special someone to a day at the spa this spring. With the economic downturn customers are looking for more affordable and accessible DIY wellness and spa experiences at home for those in-between spa visit treatments. The extraordinary growth and resiliency of the global Spa and Well-Being Industry has been fueled both by cutting edge technology and ancient ideas in health, wellness, fitness, beauty, design, and cuisine. Spas have long been a wonderful resource to seek respite, as well as a place to educate oneself in a safe environment with caring professionals. These gifts have never been more essential as the stresses of everyday life continue to pile up. Living Spa is a necessity for transformative well being, not a self-indulgent, pampering extravagance. Spring is when everything .es alive and flowers bloom—the perfect time to celebrate life! Everyone loves flowers. They bring us joy, peacefulness, and vitality. Take this week to celebrate with the joy of flowers and flower essences*. Day 1: Buy yourself fresh flowers and display them somewhere in your house or office where you will see them often and enjoy their beauty. The flowers you are most drawn to will reflect your own positive qualities back to you. Which three words .e to mind to describe the personality or character of the flowers you chose? Every time you see the flowers, reflect on their positive qualities and how you share those same qualities. Day 2: Mix up a joyful bubbly drink with a 50/50 mix of your favorite juice and sparkling water. Add five drops of Joy Juice Flower Elixir for more joy, playfulness, and fun. Add in a colorful straw and slurp noisily with a giggle. Day 3: Mist yourself with Joy Juice Energy Mist. For five minutes, silently reflect on the most important people that have impacted your life. Close your eyes and visualize them one-by-one, saying to yourself, "May ______ experience great happiness and joy." (Fill in the blank with their names.) Make sure you also say to yourself, "May I experience great happiness and joy." Then let all mental images dissolve, and enjoy your breath and the warm sensations you feel in your heart. Day 4: Open a bag of Wei Happy Dark Chocolates and pick out one of each color. Savor the moment and each chocolate by letting each one melt in your mouth, experiencing the different layers of flavor and experience. Day 5: Rub an essential massage oil all over your body to awaken the senses. Smile and practice often! *Flower essences are aqueous infusions of flowers that can be taken internally or applied externally to enhance state of mind. They are different from essential oils, in that they have no scent, and work through the body’s meridians, somewhat similar to homeopathy or acupuncture. Taken regularly over time, they greatly enhance life. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: