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Shandong Binzhou truck stormed the kindergarten caused 1 dead 2 injured — Society — original title: Wudi County traffic accident killed 1 people at the scene of the accident scene of the accident. The accident scene video capture video screenshot scene video screenshot scene video capture Qilu network Binzhou on September 12th news September 12, 2016, two heavy tractor the car accident occurred near the community shop in Haifeng Road 205 Wudi Street Office Feng County, resulting in 1 deaths, 2 people suffered minor injuries. On the morning of 8 pm, Jin Moumou (male, 56 years old, Hebei city of Botou province) driving a heavy tractor along 205 national road traveling from west to East, and the front traveling in the same direction Shen Moumou (male, 42 years old, Hebei city of Dingzhou province) driving a heavy semi-trailer towing vehicle collision Jin Moumou, driving the vehicle out of control, rushed to the south side of the road Feng shop community seven colors of the nursery door, causing agricultural Moumou (female, 29 years old, Wudi Haifeng County Street) death, Wang (female, 27 years old, Wudi Haifeng County Street), Yang Moumou (male, 6 years old, Wudi Haifeng County minor street) injury. At present, the driver Jin Moumou has been Wudi County Public Security Bureau of criminal detention. (commissioning editor: Liu Juntao)相关的主题文章: