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Beijing will promote garbage classification and improve the subsidy policy of compulsory – Beijing reporters from the morning in Beijing, "13th Five-Year" period of city development planning and management of conference was informed that the "13th Five-Year" period, the city will promote compulsory garbage classification, explore and improve the low value Recyclable material subsidy policy, increase weight and the quality of renewable resources and kitchen garbage. Every year 8 million tons of construction waste will be recycled with the city non capital function and ease of removal of illegal construction, shantytowns, produced a large amount of construction waste, planning, "garbage" in 13th Five-Year during the construction of disposal rate should reach 85%. City Management Committee sanitation department, the relevant responsible person said, the current annual volume of construction waste in Beijing amounted to about 45000000 tons, of which 85% is slotted soil, can use the backfill, need treatment resources of about 6 million tons of construction waste. At present, Beijing construction waste recycling facilities capacity of about 200 to 3 million tons. "13th Five-Year" period, Beijing city will strengthen the construction waste at the end of treatment, "13th Five-Year" during the Beijing city planning disposal facilities 6 construction waste recycling, which is located in Shijingshan Shougang projects have been completed and put into production, the production of 80 thousand tons of recycled products used in the Chang’an Avenue West Road construction, and achieved good results. The project is located in Tai Hing has started construction, is expected to be completed by the end of the main building, Fengtai, Fangshan project preparatory work basically completed, is expected to start construction by the end of Haidian, Chaoyang, the project will also be at the end of the project, in addition, also plans in a timely manner in Miyun and Tongzhou, Changping planning and construction of 3 construction waste treatment plant, then the disposal capacity of Beijing city construction waste recycling will reach 8 million tons. Life mandatory garbage classification will promote the timely city solid waste management committee responsible person said, at present the city’s daily food waste generated about 2600 tons, at this stage of processing capacity gap. "13th Five-Year" period, on the one hand, continue to promote the Fengtai Shougang centralized kitchen waste treatment plant construction, put into operation as soon as possible; on the other hand to guide and coordinate has been built in situ treatment of food waste management station. "13th Five-Year" at the end, the city’s food waste treatment capacity will reach 3000 tons per day, kitchen garbage collection standard rate of 60%. The garbage, "13th Five-Year" period will clear the recycling of renewable resources is an important content of garbage classification work according to local conditions, take measures to promote collaboration, garbage classification. Garbage classification work will be to highlight the effect of classification oriented, will establish Utilization Oriented garbage classification effect evaluation mechanism to garbage classification effect and resource, develop the classification of garbage after effect assessment standards, according to the number and the effect of garbage classification, the price adjustment mechanism, realize the autonomous operation of garbage classification network. With "resource recovery, dry separately as the main starting point, promoting life mandatory garbage classification, explore and improve the low value Recyclable material subsidy policy, improve the weight and quality of renewable resources and kitchen garbage. Through the construction of garbage classification and recycling of renewable resources has the function of trading point and the interface between the logistics system, promote the waste collection and transportation department Ying相关的主题文章: