Beijing – VIDEO – son of the Tengger sand for 30 years of ridicule spoon about 680 football fields o 660003

Beijing – VIDEO – son of the Tengger sand for 30 years of ridicule: "spoon" afforestation of about 680 football fields and the Tengger sand for 30 years of ridicule "spoon": about 680 football fields [comment] on afforestation Banhu, singing the song "write" sand, 76 year old Wang Tianchang sang 30 over the years and his son in bitterness and pride to the Tengger desert. They put all year after year the pressure sand formed 7500 acres of afforestation, now there are about 680 standard football fields of "desert oasis", not only to hold the was to be buried in the sand, also blocking the wind approaching footsteps to oasis. In mid November, the winter chill is located in suburban Gansu Tengger Desert in Wuwei city is getting stronger, Wang Tianchang every day in the forest of Haloxylon tamarisk, went round to touch and cut their personally planted grass. In early 1980s, successive years of wind and sand so that Wang Tianchang and villagers of the field work often into vain. With more and more sand in the village, it is difficult for the relocation of some villagers or students, or retreat". Looking at the sparsely growing village, Wang Tianchang and his son Wang Yinji decided to stay here". [] the son of Wang Tianchang Wang Yinji during the same period (before) when the wind blows, the sand blew our glasses squint open, which impressed me most, the sand scraping after the break off attack, like a windy spring to kill the seedlings. To say that we can also be moved out of the same can live outside, but we lived here since childhood, love this piece of land, can not go, you have to control the dunes. [comment] Gansu is one of the China desertification area, wide distribution, the most serious harm in the local provinces, especially nearly a thousand kilometers along the Hexi Corridor, pressure sand afforestation is several generations of their career". At that time, the surrounding farmers like Wang Tianchang and need to draft as pour as a church mouse, from a few kilometers to pull water, and afforestation, they are often the villagers as a joke. [Wang Tianchang] over the same period when I started to do, some of us Haruki is unclear. He did this thing (see sand), we give up (nickname) Wang Yinji’s dad is a spoon, the son is guawazi (fool), the whole family is fool, other people to make money business, they used the money to treat sand. We don’t care, we are sure to treat sand, tree to plant, not only plant but also determined Zhilv treatment to live. [comment] has not yet been energized here for many years, rely on a solar panel and a small generator for lighting, water extraction to meet the basic needs of life, family income in addition to daily expenses to buy seedlings, enough to find someone to borrow; irrigation water need to within a few kilometers to the camel camel…… [Wang Tianchang] over the same period we have no food to eat, no shame, they ask why you want to eat, I said I sand, I am not ashamed, I took this job to do, I want to do this template, let everyone see people grow trees to sand. After decades of planting, Wang Tianchang finally in the sand road相关的主题文章: