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Beijing – VIDEO – Japanese friends in Gansu set: from planting twelve contiguous hills to the green hills of Gansu planted twelve Japanese friends set: from contiguous hills to the green hills [comment] lasted 12 years, Lanzhou Qilihe district "green project", completed in August 29th two North and South in the mountains. Since 2004, Japan Akita County white God Sen club director grew up high 10%, Japan Akita County Forestry Association chairman Takeda Youngwen bred a total investment of about 5000000 yuan, a total of more than 4 thousand and 300 acres of afforestation in Qilihe District, 730 thousand trees planted all kinds of trees. Odaka Chicheng told reporters in an interview with China News Agency, Gansu and Akita, Japan is a friendly city relationship, has been good for 35 years, and this relationship is the premise, they have a kind of Lanzhou. [] Japan period Akita County white God Sen club director grew up high 10% I was in 2004 following Akita County Forestry in Japan breeding association president Mr. Takeda Youngwen to visit Lanzhou, it is the first time I went to Lanzhou to visit, when I saw that Lanzhou is full of hills, I wonder why Lanzhou cannot afforestation, can not better to engage in green? At that time, I was engaged in a number of green and colleagues, on this issue were discussed, and finally we decided to cooperate in Lanzhou to start the Sino Japanese green project. [comment] two mountain Qilihe district headquarters responsible person, two mountain greening construction in North and south from the beginning of 2000, the construction area of 99910 acres, in 2003 began to enter the green building, and then start the green cooperation construction of the 4 phase of a total of 12 years. [] Japan period Akita County white God Sen club director grew up 10% through our ten years in the greening project, at present already planted seedling area of nearly 290 hectares, it has made great contributions to the local greening, I consider it, we hope that the Japanese green project in bring economic benefits to the local farmers at the same time, more important is to improve the local planting environment, make greater contribution to the cause of environmental protection of the local. [comment] full-time vice president of the Gansu Provincial People’s Association for friendship with foreign countries Liu Xiaolin said, as everyone knows, Gansu is located in the western Chinese, drought, vegetation coverage rate is extremely low, fragile ecological environment, in this environment, afforestation is particularly difficult and urgent. Mr. Gao and other Japanese friends are not afraid of hardship, do not ask for return, in Gansu to carry out the Sino Japanese green project, it is admirable and moved. Liu Xiaolin said that planted these trees will become a symbol of friendship between China and Japan in the county and province two generations, may the friendship evergreen tree. Reporter Wei Jianjun south, as reported by the Lanzhou相关的主题文章: