Beijing – VIDEO – Fujian typhoon disaster large equipment boulder rescue

Beijing – VIDEO – Fujian typhoon disaster rescue scene: large equipment row stone [comment] the seventeenth typhoon this year, "catfish" brought a dangerous situation to the coastal areas of Fujian caused great disaster. Fujian Dehua heavy rain to heavy rain, local heavy rainfall, causing many local damaged roads, houses collapsed, the villagers trapped. September 29th, Dehua typhoon disaster relief work into the second day, the same day at 10 in the morning, the reporter also visited the frontline rescue once again. In Nancheng Town, completely covered the south tower to Dou Cun road was the collapse of the mountain, it is difficult to walk through, more than 160 people trapped in the village, traffic police forces rescue forces arrived in the south in the afternoon of 28 rescue. The scene of large machinery rescue troops are busy working, the reporter saw a huge collapse in mixed with large stones, many of which are of stone, it also gives a great security threat on-site rescue personnel. The same period [] (three traffic police corps deputy chief Chen Lijin) behind us a landslide near one hundred and fifty thousand party soil, there is a scenic area, a natural village, is now in the on-off state, so that it is a bit difficult to say, the slope is steep, the hanging stone, and some loose stones, so that we in the construction process is not easy to safety. Very easy to cause the slide, give us the construction caused by unsafe factors, it is also a small area, our equipment is for a number of equipment, we can only rotate to construction, so to promote the influence of speed. [comment] because the site is still under heavy rain, large boulders, brought great difficulties to the rescue machinery operations, the reporter noted that, in order to ensure the safety of rescue personnel, more than one point layout of a safety observer. Reporters learned that, at present, the armed police force has mobilized the first echelon of the 80 officers and men and machinery and equipment 25 (sets) is the first line of disaster relief, and the rescue operations are also actively promoting. Reporter Wu Shengwei Fujian, Quanzhou reports相关的主题文章: