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Beijing South Railway Station spring 10 days separated 14 – Sohu News newspaper news (reporter Chi Haibo) yesterday, the Beijing Youth Daily reporter learned from the Beijing railway police, as of February 2nd the Spring Festival 10 days, Beijing South Railway Station police station has been lost more than 120 passengers back, equivalent to more than 10 yuan. The police to help passengers find lost, lost 14 relatives, including 5 children, aged 9. In January 31st, 8 o’clock, Beijing South Railway Station police station inspector Zhou Tiannan in the south station north entrance security machine found a blue shoulder bag unclaimed, so immediately picked back to security team instructor Gao Lei. Through the on-site package inspection, they found that the package has cash 60 thousand yuan, two bank cards and clothing. After visiting the surrounding passengers, stations and radio stations looking for ways, half an hour later, and finally contact the owner Mr. zhou. 10:30 on February 1st, Beijing South Railway Station police station two police team on duty at the Beijing South Railway Station North East Peng imported East found a old man in a trance, Peng Dong immediately stepped forward to ask. After questioning, the old man called Mao, there are language barriers, unable to communicate normally. Later, the police found a cell phone from them, and finally linked to their relatives, Ms. Mao, whose families said that the lost old man is his brother. Waiting for the family to pick up the time, the police Peng Dong also for him to prepare food and water. Listen to the family member said Mao also suffering from diabetes, in order to prevent hypoglycemia, the police also bought chocolate for them. 2.5 hours later, the family went to Beijing South Railway Station to pick up the old gentleman. According to the recent phenomenon of missing items and separated from their families, the Beijing South Railway Station police station to remind the passengers, don’t try to stop a card, to avoid missing items in security. In addition, the Beijing South Railway Station passenger traffic has reached 13 million passengers, please bring the children and the elderly passengers must take good care of the person, try not to separate, and to keep communication open, so many people lost from congestion situation.

北京南站春运10天走散14人-搜狐新闻  本报讯(记者 池海波)昨日北京青年报记者从北京铁路警方获悉,截至2月2日春运10天以来,北京南站派出所已为旅客找回遗失物品120余起,折合10万余元。民警帮旅客找到走失、走散的亲属14起,其中老年人5名、小孩9名。  1月31日8时许,北京南站派出所安检员周天南在南站北进口安检机旁发现一蓝色单肩背包无人认领,于是立即捡回交给安检队指导员高磊。通过现场开包检查,他们发现包内有现金6万元、银行卡两张及衣物等。后通过对周边旅客走访、车站广播台寻找等方式,半个小时后,终于联系上失主周先生。  2月1日10时30分,北京南站派出所值勤二队民警彭东在北京南站北进口外东侧发现一位老先生精神恍惚,彭东立即上前询问。经询问,老人叫毛某,有语言障碍,无法正常交流。后来,民警从其身上找到一部手机,最终联系到其亲属毛女士,其家属表示,走失的老人正是自己的哥哥。  等待家属来接的时间里,民警彭东还为他准备食物和水。听家属说毛先生还患有糖尿病,为了防止出现低血糖,民警又为其购买了巧克力。两个半小时后,家属赶到北京南站接走老先生。  针对近期发生的遗失物品现象和与家人走散情况,北京南站派出所提醒广大旅客,尽量不要卡点进站,以免在安检时遗失物品。此外,目前北京南站的客流量已达到13万余人次,请携带小孩和老人的旅客,一定要看管好同行人,尽量不要分开,并保持通讯畅通,以免人多拥挤发生走失走散情况。相关的主题文章: