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To go north before you must know the 11 common sense – Sohu to the Nordic winter tourism, and to the most beautiful time, people began to carry luggage in Nordic countries, planned the Nordic winter tour. A lot of people just to "rough" Nordic tourism has been ready to seize the opportunity in the winter, want to stay away for a Scandinavian tour. If you really want to start immediately, air tickets, hotels, routes, attractions are not a problem, the biggest problem is: lack of knowledge in northern europe…… For the stream preparing you for the Nordic book, remember to see it again before departure! 01 time difference in Nordic countries slower than domestic time. At present, the local being used in winter, 6 hours slower than in Beijing Finland, Norway, Denmark, Sweden is slow for 7 hours. That is to say, when you get up at eight in the morning the friends have slept at home, at noon. During the summer, this year the last Sunday of March to October of each year on the last Sunday, will reduce the time for an hour. 02 in addition to Finland and the use of the euro currency, the Nordic countries have their own currency. Danish currency for the Danish krone, the Swedish currency for the Swedish krona, the Iceland currency for the Iceland krone, Norway currency for the crown of Norway, each has its own exchange rate. If you want to travel to several countries in a row, you can bring us dollars or euros in cash, most of the bank’s foreign exchange center and the Penzion Plesnivec Hotel to provide foreign exchange business, but will charge a certain fee. The use of credit cards to pay, you can choose to carry VISA, Master Card credit card, not only with UnionPay credit card. The 03 Nordic countries have a native language language, but Denmark, Norway and Sweden’s language is close to that of Iceland. There is also one point in common with these languages, but Finnish and above four languages are completely different. If you can speak English, don’t worry about communication. The Nordic people are generally highly educated and can speak fluent english. 04 shop Business Hours and domestic year-round, Nordic and many supermarkets, shops and stores are closed on Sunday, even if most of them will also closed early, the holidays will also have the corresponding rest arrangements, if need to go shopping, remember to query if the shop is open. 05 climate every year the most warm 5-9 months, the Nordic countries probably between 10-28 degrees centigrade temperature, the coldest winter 12-2 months, the temperature is about -25-5 degrees C, the winter is warmer than in Northeast china. Due to the complex and changeable climate in northern Europe, remember to bring the umbrella and anti snow clothing shoes. Power interface 06 power socket Nordic is usually a standard round or round legs three interface, which is the European standard interface, provide 50Hz AC voltage is 220V-240V. Before departure, you can prepare a conversion plug. 07 toiletries for the sake of environmental protection, the Ministry of the Nordic travel相关的主题文章: