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Bao Wo production plan for urgent need that failure Futian sales volant production plan of Futian urgent need sales mistakes "banded" after each intern reporter Zhao Cheng in Beijing before the five party bridge Bao Wo auto 4S shop is still in construction, but to the shop to see cars and drive consumers are still in a continuous line, most of them from the Beijing, Chengde and other places around Qinhuangdao. "We can sell five or sixty cars a month, and the new cars that have just arrived at the store have been bought by customers outside Beijing." A sales staff Bao wo 4S shop on the "daily economic news" reporter, the store sales models, more than 60% are with models and manufacturers, the original production plan is completely inconsistent, did not expect that with models will sell well, basically no one asked the low allocation models. With models get hot, wo Bao completely beyond the expected, in the original production plan, the low allocation models production accounted for even more than 60%. This shows that, despite the endorsement of the German brand, but still did not get rid of its own brand wal low distribution model is the best selling inertia thinking. Fukuda car is a real investor in Wal Mart, spend big price to buy back from Germany has been interrupted for more than 50 years of the brand, from Fukuda had repeatedly failed on the passenger car project. As of now, Futian Automobile has more than 10 billion yuan in Bao Wo investment projects, this amount is even more than the Futian Automobile (600166, SH) listed since 1998, has been 18 years since the sum of profits, bet on the most "man’s life and family possessions". Fukuda dare to bet so much, it can be said that after careful consideration. But in the face of a quarter profit fell more than 40% of the new situation, Futian Automobile Development of Bao Wo and some anxious". In the end of the sale of the store to sell the car, can not quickly solve the problem of product quality, a series of factors such as lack of brand awareness in the latter part of the brand, is the location of the rapid growth of wal Wo and traditional independent brands. Some analysts have pointed out that once the brand lacks adequate support, Bao Wo up early cultivation of brand influence will decay very quickly, then wo will treasure with the qoros or hanteng no difference. To get rid of scheduling errors and the inertia of thinking volant brand originated in Germany, Mercedes Benz, BMW also ranked the German luxury car maker camp, but in 1963 it was forced into bankruptcy, without leaving any technical inheritance, BORGWARD (Bao Wo) leaving only the mark of history. Even so, the brand endorsement strategy after the revival of the car is successful. With the help of Wal Mart brand story, Fukuda successfully cut into the high-end market. Since the car has been listed Bao Wo, the German luxury car attitude shows, which is located in the "wide Zhaopin SUV" first model BX7, is to assume Bao Wo brand image at the same time the task, has been passed "luxury reach" brand concept. In Bao Wo auto 4S shop, a pair of open Volvo S80 from Hebei Chengde to see the old couple told the "daily economic news" reporter, they want to buy a car on相关的主题文章: