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Bank of China branch in Guangdong Province: currencies tide in 2016 08 month 25 days Sina fund exposure table: the letter Phi lag of false propaganda, long-term performance is lower than similar products, to buy the fund by the pit how to do? Click [I want to complain], Sina help you expose them! Currency: the euro dollar resistance 2:1.1400 resistance 1:1.1366 spot price: 1.1272 support 1:1.1200 support 2:1.1100 these days, the economic fundamentals of the euro area’s relatively light, yesterday the euro continued to pullback, as previously expected the dollar in a speech before Yellen could not support the euro below, not only high before the break down. From the hourly chart, yesterday the euro Powei Euro bears double top pattern, so can continue to hold, target 1.1200, stop 1.13. The United States on Thursday and Friday there are a number of data, but in a speech before Yellen expected the euro and the dollar volatility is limited, short-term traders can use data after the opportunity to buy low sell high, above the pressure in the euro 1.14, below support at 1.1190-1.12. Currency: GBPUSD resistance 2:1.3481 resistance 1:1.3320 spot price: 1.3220 support 1:1.3043 support 2:1.2865 pounds yesterday continued to rise, the highest reached 1.3273, sterling and the dollar, inflation is rare, leads to long positions slightly early pre proposal, but do not chase high, because yesterday the dollar hasn’t arrived in Fibonacci (6.24-7.6) the 23.6% decline in the 1.3320 retracement is callback, so now appropriate to find suitable short point. 4 hour chart form a double top, MACD formed Sicha, red column kinetic energy disappeared, in 1.3273 or 1.33 is not broken before the rallies, stop more than 1.3320, or 4 hours in the effective below the support line at 1.3200-1.3220 with the empty, stop above 1.3240, target is 1.3100. Currency: the Australian dollar resistance 2:0.7756 resistance 1:0.7700 spot price: 0.7630 support 1:0.7600 support 2:0.7540 $0.77 down in 0.76 days after a stick. From the weekly view, the exchange rate is still pressing, pressure line 4 hours also declined in the channel line under pressure, and iron ore prices also fell, is not conducive to commodity currency movements, the strategy suggested Qingcang short AUD, target 0.7540, stop above 0.77. Bank of China Guangdong branch Chen Zhihui only personal views, does not represent the views of the agency into the [Sina financial stocks] discussion相关的主题文章: