Baked incremental the traditional model of the air conditioning industry has been nearly dusk-beself

"Roast" incremental   the air conditioning industry traditional mode almost dusk — home — original title: "baked" incremental air-conditioning industry in the traditional model has been near evening in late August, the outbreak of the hot weather, hot weather is still raging across the air conditioning industry, 2016 years of cold, how a godsend. 2016-2017 air conditioning industry in August 26th sponsored by the Jingdong China home network appliances and Su ningyun as channel support forum, 2016 years of cold air-conditioning market data released by the state information center, market sales and sales were 31 million 250 thousand units and 106 billion 300 million yuan this year air-conditioning line grew by 4.36% and 2.47%, the air conditioning the industry for 2015 years of cold amount double down and filled with haze finally dispersed. 2016-2017 air conditioning industry forum site godsend "roast" incremental in this forum, the mainstream brand GREE, Midea, Haier, Hisense, AUX, CHIGO, Kelon, TCL, Matsushita, MITSUBISHI motor, Changhong, Yangtze, commander, Little Swan, GMCC, Welling and other air conditioning industry chain, in the discussion this year, the overall market performance, also expressed optimism. Enterprises have said that the hot weather this year a large area of the country continued really awesome, enterprise channel stocking more bold, terminal sales is also very smooth. In addition, central air conditioning, the Haier central air-conditioning, AUX central air-conditioning, MITSUBISHI heavy industries, Daikin central air-conditioning companies also participated in some changes in this forum about the home central air-conditioning market. The country began to hot weather since June, into the middle of July is to enter the barbecue mode, northern Southern China, JAC, Jianghan, Jiangnan, South Huang Huai, southern North China, Eastern Sichuan basin, Chongqing, northern and Eastern Guizhou and Xinjiang, Northwestern Gansu, Western Inner Mongolia and other places appeared in 35 ~ 39 at high temperatures. North Central Zhejiang, Eastern Anhui, southern Jiangsu, northeastern and Western Jiangxi, the highest temperature in some areas of southeastern and Western Hubei, Eastern Hunan and other places in the northwest had reached 40 to 41 DEG C. In the middle and lower reaches of the Yangtze River and the southern part of the region, the temperature is as high as 50 degrees centigrade. High temperature barbecue weather to the regional market in the country to bring positive factors air conditioning sales. Data show that air-conditioning sales growth year-on-year were China, Southern China, central China, northwest and southwest regions; one or two grade market and three or four secondary market sales year-on-year growth, including three market and four market grew more obvious, respectively 9.53% and 19.27%, the high temperature weather to further stimulate the market of the three or four volume. It is worth noting that the entire 6, July, the contribution of air conditioning sales throughout the year. Data show that in July this year, in 6 air conditioning sales were achieved 5 million 280 thousand and 5 million 820 thousand units, and sales accounted for nearly two of the annual sales of $1/3. Before that, from August last year to May this year, air-conditioning sales overall decline in the data, it can be said that in July 6, the sales counter attack is the key point of all cold air-conditioning sales growth)相关的主题文章: