Autumn Hubei first snow later than last year the rise of air temperature in Wuhan (video)-yezimei

Autumn Hubei first snow later than last year the rise of air temperature in Wuhan frost just after the local area of our province ushered in the first snowfall this fall. Reporters yesterday, October 28th to 29, the emergence of snow in parts of Shennongjia, Shiyan, Wudang Mountains, Yichang, Changyang Dalaoling Huoshaoping etc.. 28, Wudang Mountains falls since the autumn of the first snow. Eight hundred in Wudang snow, Dan wall and green tiles exceptionally charming. Scenic staff, recently Wudang Mountains lasted a week to 28 days of rainy weather, the temperature dropped, there is a snow shower golden morning, around 3 pm and a shower of sleet, about half an hour. On the same day at 8 pm, scenic spots began to heavy snow, snow snow yesterday to stop, about 3 cm. Reporter access to Wudang Mountains in the past 8 years meteorological data found that this year is the earliest autumn snow in Wudang Mountains last year, October 31st. Shennongjia forest region’s top scenic spots and other places, 28 days to yesterday also began to snow. The average altitude of 2000 meters of the top scenic spots, a vast expanse of snow, snow everywhere, gorgeous trees, Shennongjia government staff said the snow will fire protection of forest is very favorable, but due to icing on the ground, into the area vehicles need to wear chains, attention to traffic safety. In October 28th, close to the long Shennongjia forest region Baokang County of Xiangyang city town also ushered in the snow, the snow up to 4 cm thick night. Reporters learned that, in contrast, this year the first snow in our province in autumn than last year came a little late last year, Hubei’s first snow is falling in autumn October 26th, Shennongjia. Meteorological experts said, the accident of snow falling in the semi main mountain area, like an average altitude of Bailihuang Huoshaoping, etc. are more than 1200 meters, the cold air near the ground, when the temperature is close to 0 degrees Celsius, coupled with the early rain moisture is adequate, will become the snow. It is not only in the autumn, winter, the second half of the first snow. Yesterday, Wuhan rainy and wet weather in the whole temperature of 9-10 DEG C, the rain will stay for two days, but the temperature began to rise, particularly today rain overcast rain tomorrow, 8-13 C, 10-14 C. (reporter Guan Qian Yu Chen Xi) related video overlooking Shiyan first snow concern the big Chu official WeChat (micro signal: dachuwang), give you interesting and useful information, and send gifts every day. Scan the two-dimensional code below concern.相关的主题文章: