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Home-Based-Business Dear Leslie, ARE THERE REALLY NO COST HIRING? I want to either do data entry online simple ad placing or answer in bound calls. Where can I find the real thing with out paying for information? Linda A. Hi Linda, The fast answer to your question is yes; there is no cost hiring. In fact, the only legitimate hiring is at no cost. However, you may have some trouble finding the work you indicated unless you have experience. Most legitimate data entry jobs I find require a typing test and sometimes special equipment. Id scratch ad placing off the list of options, as I havent ever seen this offered as a legitimate job. In bound calls and customer service is probably your best bet, but again, .panies that are hiring for these jobs are looking for people with skills and possibly special equipment. The reality of tele.muting is that you arent going to sign up to work at home. Legitimate employers with home based jobs hire the same way traditional employers do. There will be an application process and possibly an interview or test. Therefore, you need to have a resume that outlines your skills and experiences in data entry and customer service. Plus it will help to have any necessary equipment such as high speed Internet, a second phone line, and phone headset. When searching for these or any other type of tele.muting job, you need to search on job related sites. Use search terms such as tele.mute or work at home. Watch out for biz ops and scams as these do get posted on job sites as well. The best way to avoid a scam or biz op is to remember that you NEVER, EVER pay to get hired. There are some really good work-at-home job databases that can be accessed for a fee. Note here, that you arent paying to get hired when you use one of these services. Instead, you are paying to access their list of job announcements. Its like buying the newspaper to read the want ads. These services search the Internet for jobs or jobs are submitted to them for posting. The great thing about these sites is that they usually weed out the duds and list only jobs that can be done from home. But not all services are the same. Avoid places that say they have a list of .panies that hire home workers. These lists are worthless because these .panies may not actually be hiring. Instead the service must indicate it posts actual job announcements. Also stay away from resources that say they offer assembly work or envelope stuffing. These are known scams and any service that says they can get you job in these areas should be suspect. Good luck Linda! About the Author: 相关的主题文章: