Apple Wireless Headset accused of falling easily lost Cook to refute their own experience (video) sql server 2000 个人版

Apple wireless headset is easy to fall to lose Cook to use their own experiences that Tencent technology news in September 1st, Apple’s new fall conference, in addition to the new mobile phone key, Apple also released a new AirPod wireless Bluetooth headset design. The headset will serve as an option for Apple’s iPhone to cancel the 3.5 mm audio interface after enjoying the music. However, after the release of the headset, the outside world has been a lot of criticism. One of the biggest weakness is easily lost, or running under the condition of the ear "jump out easily". The day before, Apple CEO Cook in an interview on American television, rejected the headset is easy to fall out of the argument. According to the American Broadcasting Company ABC website reported that Cook accepted an interview with ABC news program "Good Morning America", involving a number of areas, the interview will be broadcast in the United States on Wednesday morning (Beijing time Thursday evening). ABC host Roberts (Robin Roberts) of Cook joked that his show colleague Michael Strahan believes he will lose his purchase of the AirPod Bluetooth headset sooner or later. In fact, this is the opinion of many testers and media. The Bluetooth headset is too small in size and is very similar in appearance to the traditional wired headset of the apple, but it has been cancelled. This Cook said: "I have (with AirPod headset) walking on a treadmill, do you usually do a lot of things, you know when you walk, the headset will still be stuck in there, you never fall problem." Apple’s Bluetooth headset priced up to $159, will be on sale in October. For this price, many people think too high. Cook was the same day in New York, Haarlem, a school accepted the ABC interview, which is the end of Apple’s new conference after the fall, the first public appearance of the appearance of Mr. Cook. After the end of the conference, the outside world for a variety of AirPod discussions and criticism began to appear. Among them, a "New York Times" American authoritative media commentators pointed out that apple AirPod headset has a technical fault, he is using the headset to listen to audio content, often there will be automatic back playing. In addition to the use of this Bluetooth headset in the outdoor scene, he also encountered the problem of signal interference. A spokesman for the Apple Corp ABC television said, "the New York Times" evaluation actually is used prior to product release produced not mature products, and in October will be listed in large quantities, these technical problems are solved. The original U.S. media has reported that AirPod is not the use of Bluetooth communication protocol, but Apple’s own agreement. However, after the conference confirmed that the use of Bluetooth protocol, can be used for other Bluetooth devices. Headphones design, Apple has taken a simple style, did not design any key. Headphones in the integration of Apple’s own research and development of W1 chips, in addition to the configuration of a number of headphones inside the motion sensor, once the user off the headset, the music will be automatically suspended. Because the volume is too small相关的主题文章: