Apple iPhone with OLED or as a transition, micro-led is the future – Sohu digital

Apple iPhone with OLED or Micro-LED for the transition, is the future of Sohu – digital display technology is still in development, Taiwan media believe that Apple will abandon the OLED Micro-LED in the future development of mature, embrace Micro-LED. Micro- LED power consumption is only 1/10 of LCD, the color saturation is close to OLED, and OLED as are self luminous, like a smaller version of outdoor LED display, the pixel (Pixel) between the distance from millimeter to micron grade lower grade. Due to the size and weight of the system can be reduced, with low power consumption, fast response characteristics, there is no weakness of the shortcomings of OLED, mobile devices can also get a better life time and display. At present, the industry analysis, Micro-LED production bottleneck lies in: first, how to put a lot of small LED move to IC chip or substrate; two, because the chip is small, LED factory how to screen the difficulty, three blue brightness; if there are dead pixels, may the whole piece of scrap. Although the industry has found a solution to the modular way of splicing, move, but production is still a problem. Apple has always been the technical trend of high-end mobile phone industry development index, forming a metal casing, MIM (metal injection molding) and bearing mechanism, HDI soft board is in the apple import, soon became the standard factory equipped with mobile phone, this also let many dust sealed in the Laboratory Technology Department of abortion resurrection. But, of course there are still some risks of new technology, there are examples of failures, such as sapphire screen mobile phone, is under investigation and production cost dilemma, finally aborted. But Micro-LED have a case is that Samsung in the OLED panel alone took 9 percent market share, Apple will not be the Samsung Micro-LED contain, from the subjective and objective conditions, are worth a try, maybe Apple want to win the will of the OLED, is more strongly than LED plant, LCD plant.   相关的主题文章: