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The old Angelababy exposure   when Angela Chang had "background models" – Shanghai channel — original title: old Angelababy exposure was once a "Angela Chang background model" Angleababy map: Angelababy. Photo by He Xi according to Taiwan’s ETTV cloud reports, actress Angelababy14 years old into the modeling circle, now utilities across TV and movies, hosted every year, works on the big screen. In fact, she was just unknown when she debuted, and she had been a "background model" of Angela Chang. Recently, her photos have been dug out, which has aroused heated discussions among netizens. You can see from the photo, Angelababy in more than one clothing promotional photos are standing behind Angela Chang, at the time of each other in the drama, record brisk performance, with many endorsements, fame and fortune. But then Angelababy just play the first TV series, the picture wore an elegant hair, deep face, and now than it did not differ a lot, but less mature woman’s temperament. It is worth mentioning that she was later signed to a new agency, acting from Hongkong to the mainland, from the hands of Angela Chang took the hygiene drinks, brand endorsements, many users have a message "at that time, only in the eyes of Angela Chang, was completely oblivious to her, but now it appears that both sides each have their own charm. In fact, Angelababy also served as a dancer at the Jay Chou Hongkong concert in 2005. 2012 and her official mainland famous brokerage company Huayi Brothers signed, and set up a personal studio, exposure and abundant works she also known as "one of our more", a vase impression, hold back the best supporting actress in this year’s popular movie hundred flowers, people and acting proven. (Yan Yuan and Han Qing: commissioning editor) Angelababy旧照曝光 曾当张韶涵“背景模特儿”–上海频道–人民网 原标题:Angelababy旧照曝光 曾当过张韶涵“背景模特儿” Angleababy资料图:Angelababy。何浠 摄 据台湾“东森新闻云”报道,女星Angelababy14岁就踏入模特儿圈,如今事业领域横跨电视、主持和电影等,每年都有作品登上大银幕。其实她刚出道时默默无名,还曾担任过张韶涵的“背景模特儿”,近来照片又被挖出,引起网友热议。 从照片中可以看到,Angelababy在多张服装宣传照里都站在张韶涵后面,当时对方在戏剧、唱片成绩亮眼,接下许多代言广告,名利双收。但当时的Angelababy刚演第一部电视剧,照片里顶着一头飘逸长发,深邃的脸孔,和现在比起来没有相差很多,只不过少了些成熟女人的气质。值得一提的是,她后来签约至新的经纪公司,演艺事业从香港转往大陆,更从张韶涵手上接过饮料、卫生用品的品牌代言,许多网友也留言“当时眼中只有张韶涵”,完全没有注意到她,但是现在看来双方各有各的魅力。 事实上,Angelababy 2005年还曾担任过周杰伦香港演唱会的舞者。2012年她正式和大陆著名经纪公司华谊兄弟签约,并成立个人工作室,曝光量和作品产量丰富的她还被称为“四小花旦”之一,更一甩花瓶印象,在今年的大众电影百花奖上抱回最佳女配角,人气和演技备受肯定。 (责编:严远、韩庆)相关的主题文章: