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Amphibious Reconnaissance female let men admire have thumbs praise – Sohu Military Channel in a brigade of Marines Amphibious Reconnaissance female team, monitor Yan Ling’s bold is a name, everyone called her "strict bold". In July 2013, the Marines first organized Amphibious Reconnaissance female high jump training. Heard the news, Yan Ling, the first time to submit an application to the company. Previously, skydiving has always been a male soldier’s patent". "Jump from 800 meters high, do you dare?" Captain asked. I did not expect at that time is still a good soldier Yan Ling replied: "let me go, I will!" After 3 months of intensive training, the first skydiving training schedule. The helicopter continued to climb up some, Yan Ling did not dare to look down on the back, just feel chilly, hands do not consciously hold the parachute…… But anyway, she would never allow myself to be "deserter". Didi twice, yellow lights suddenly lit inside the cabin. Comrades one after another jumped out from the engine room, Yan Ling stood in the cabin door, eyes closed, jump to the sky…… "The training ground top, excluded draw, even the male soldiers have served her three points." Female captain Zhang Jingjing said such a thing to me. At the beginning of 2014, Marine Corps first went to Zhu and training base. One day morning, the parent organization of male and female soldiers were mixed to rescue the hostages against the drill. Exercise lost, a male player complained: "with a group of female soldiers, will only be a drag." Yan Ling a listen to not happy, immediately answered: "don’t lose you blame us, we are not convinced, bibi!" The man said: "that’s good, we each pick 4 players, who rescued the hostages even if who wins, how?" The selection of good players, Yan Ling immediately called the women’s team of tactics, task division. The course of the exercise, women action flexible, Peigemoqi, successfully seize the commanding heights of buildings. Through sight, Yan Ling saw the cunning chieftain hiding in "hostage" behind, with a knife against the neck "hostage"…… At this time, the men’s team building under attack from both sides of the corridor, ready to break. "Forced into, the hostage is very dangerous!" Yan Ling did not win, immediately notify each other. The men stopped the attack. A second second, how to do? "You are responsible for the feint to distract them. Our position, "the" give me." Yan Ling proposal. A smoke bomb was thrown into the building. In a panic, "chieftain" exposed half a head, Yan Ling to seize this opportunity to be killed "transient". Then, the men’s team into the fast…… The end of the exercise, male players have to female thumbs up. The army for 5 years, in the face of super strength, super hard training, Yan Ling never called bitter shouting too tired. She said: "on the battlefield, soldiers are not strong, weak to see who!"相关的主题文章: