American man stranded sharks on shore to take photos of netizens denounced cruelty (Figure)

American men will be stranded ashore shark photo (Figure) users denounced the cruel original title: American men will be stranded ashore shark camera users denounced "cruel" the man holding the shark, let the people around taking pictures. In February 22, according to foreign media reports, following the previous Argentina dolphins because of being caught taking dehydration after death, the Internet has spread a outrage, video. The United States of Florida, West Palm Beach, a man caught a shark, and drag it ashore photograph. It is reported that some sharks are migrating to warm seas, so a large number of sharks are gathering on the coast of florida. Fragment of the man saw a shark, and did not take it back into the sea, it will drag it to the beach, one hand on a shark head, hand a shark tail, posing for pictures, at least for a minute. Video shows, blue sea water there are many black spots, these are all sharks, the scene is quite spectacular, and they are not far from the shore. After the man in the video took the picture, another man pushed the shark back into the sea. The television reporter who filmed the video said he didn’t know the shark, and what was the fate?. For the man in the video move, netizens have said, the man will be the shark out of the water, exposed to air for a long time, only for the camera, almost cruel, should be prosecuted. Editor in chief: Liu Debin SN222

美国男子将搁浅鲨鱼拖上岸拍照 网友斥残忍(图)   原标题:美国男子将搁浅鲨鱼拖上岸拍照 网友斥“残忍” 这名男子按住鲨鱼,让周围的人拍照。   中新网2月22日电 据外媒报道,继此前阿根廷有小海豚因被人类捉来拍照脱水死亡后,互联网上又流传一段引起人们愤怒的视频。美国佛罗里达州西棕榈滩一名男子抓住了一条搁浅的鲨鱼,并将其拖上岸拍照。   报道称,现在是一些鲨鱼向温暖海域迁徙的季节,因此佛州海岸聚集了大量鲨鱼。片段中的男子看到搁浅的鲨鱼,并没有把它推回大海,反而将它拖到沙滩上,一手按着鲨鱼头,一手压着鲨尾,摆好姿势让人拍照,至少维持一分钟。   视频显示,蓝色的海水中有许多小黑点,这些都是一条条鲨鱼,场面相当壮观,而且它们距离岸边不远。   视频中的男子拍完照后,另一人把鲨鱼推回了大海。拍摄这段视频的电视台记者表示,不知道这条鲨鱼此后命运如何。   对于视频中男子的举动,有网友表示,男子将鲨鱼拖出水,长时间暴露在空气中,只为拍照,简直残忍,应该被起诉。 责任编辑:刘德宾 SN222相关的主题文章: