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America Tennessee Memphis nearly a hundred years of the most deadly fire took 9 lives – a residential homes Beijing in new Houston on 12 September, Memphis City, Tennessee 12, a deadly fire, killing 3 adults and 6 minors died and 1 others survived the dying boy, this is almost a in the city the deadliest fire houses. Memphis Fire Services Bureau spokesman Cook (Wayne Cooke) told the "Washington Post", the house was on the 12 day at 1:23 in the morning to call the alarm call, said the house caught fire, family members trapped unable to escape. Cook said that in 4 minutes after the alarm firefighters arrived at the scene, but it was too late, most of the victims were burned or smoke inhalation. The authorities from the house out of 7 bodies, another 3 people were rushed to hospital, but two of them died. Surviving a boy, the situation is very critical. Investigators believe that due to the safety barrier on the window, living room fire blocked the escape route of the family. According to local website Local Memphis revealed that the family members confirmed that the victims in three patients between the ages of 27 to 61 years old, the remaining 6 of the dead were underage children and adolescents, aged 16 years old and the youngest is only 3 years old. 8 year old boy Cameron was dying. Swaite, director of the Memphis fire department (Gina Sweat), said the fire ignited from the living room, the cause of the fire is under investigation, the scene found a smoke detector, but it is not known whether it can work properly. "The horrors of the scene to fire and emergency personnel is shocking," Swaite stressed that "we are trained to be strong in the face of adversity, but we also have a family, many times are hard to forget my eyes to see." In the house beside the neighbor Hampton (Shondra Hampton) said, "I’ve never seen firefighters cry, but when they take the children carry out, like a baby crying." This is the most deadly residential fire in Memphis since 1920. Mayor Strickland (Jim Strickland) said, the whole city has expressed condolences to the family’s experience". The 34 year old Wallace (Felecia Wallace) told the The Associated Press that she knew this one family from the primary school, "this is a loving family, if what you need, hungry, or want to find a place to sleep, you can come here." (end)相关的主题文章: