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Alipay officially charges   see users organize "free Raiders" – Anhui Channel – original title: 20 thousand free quota free by the Raiders friends touted Alipay also began to withdraw the charges. In September 12th, Alipay announced: since October 12, 2016, will exceed the amount of free for individual users to cash charge 0.1% service charge, each individual users enjoy 20 thousand yuan accumulated amount of withdrawals free basis. After the use of the free amount of the base, the user can use the ant points for more free cash withdrawals. Balance treasure transfer is still free. 20 thousand the amount of free free strategy by netizens Repeng Alipay adjusted cash rules is not the first, in March this year, WeChat has started on the user is charged a fee of 0.1%, a total of 1000 yuan each user to enjoy free cash amount. According to reports, Alipay now only involves cash to my bank card and bank card transfer to others. Adjusted in accordance with the rules, Alipay is also in excess of the amount of free part of the 0.1% to mention the amount of the service fee, the single service fee of less than 0.1 yuan to 0.1 yuan fee. The difference is, Alipay users can enjoy 20 thousand yuan free accumulated amount of withdrawals. For business users, such as Alipay, Taobao, Tmall and the seller effectively contracted merchants, are still not charging. However, when Alipay proposed the withdrawal fees when the network has appeared all kinds of "save money raiders". However, the reporter found that some strategies are in accordance with the relevant provisions of alipay. For example, after the use of the free amount of the base, the user can use the ant points for more free cash withdrawals. At present, the exchange ratio is 1 ant points can be redeemed for free withdrawals of $1 amount, not capped. In addition, Alipay wants to avoid charges, there are the following methods: such as payment to make full use of the ant flower chanting, to balance repayment repayment, or credit card charge by the balance of advantage, for credit card debt. However, some Raiders are somewhat pit". For example, a netizen said, you can turn the balance into the balance of treasure, and then use the balance of treasure will be transferred to the bank money, you can free cash. However, the reporter found that Alipay has made it clear that the new user from the balance transferred to the balance of treasure funds transferred only to balance, can not be directly transferred to the bank card. (Ma Lingling Guan Fei, commissioning editor: original title: 20 thousand) the amount of free free strategy by netizens Repeng original title: Alipay managing cash charges in excess of 20 thousand the amount of 0.1% service charge fees for the cost pressures of third party payment charges for the war intensified, Alipay side said it was because the operating cost pressures. Coincidentally, WeChat will also pay the fees due to the cost. Ma Huateng in March this year, the national NPC and CPPCC had introduced the third party payment business model behind: bank money to leave the bank system into the third party payment account, in fact is to collect fees, transfer fee of about 1/1000, this is the third party to pay a great cost. Even if the third party payment platform can receive interest income,)相关的主题文章: