Actress Kathy Betts admits his touching hearts is the actor value (video)

Actress Kathy Betts admits his touching hearts is the actor actress Kathy Betts name value of Oscar avenue of stars Casey · Bates go down the avenue of stars according to time network reported on September 22, 2016, starred in "American horror story: the hotel", "Titanic" and other television works of Oscar winner Casey · Bates; Hollywood Walk of Fame. Circle of friends Billy · ·,, and so on, as well as the family and friends of the friends of Casey attended the event, witnessed the glory of the moment of the. Casey delivered a speech to review the past years, and share the experience as an actor. "We are the people who tell stories… Touch the heart, change the mind, is the real value of our business." Casey spoke of the significance of the cast. Casey’s circle of friends · Billy; · when he came on stage to speak, said, by the public, the film critic, and do a lot of charity work, by the time of the people’s Republic of China, said. And in the end said humorously: "if I want to be a woman, I wish I could be Casey · Bates." The audience burst into laughter. Casey · Bates was born in Tennessee, Memphis in 1948. He majored in drama at the University. He went to New York to make a living after graduation. 1971 on the screen, "run away" as a virgin, and for the film theme song lyrics. 1976 to participate in the off Broadway stage, in order to "good night, mother" won the Toni Award for best actress. Baez whole body feeling, the more the more the role of the more mysterious attempt. Because the appearance is limited, although there are many opportunities for the movie, but not always rise head and shoulders above others. Wait until 1990 a great role as her tailor-made, as a writer obsessed with super fans in "the next ten days" in one fell swoop won Oscar and Golden Globe Award double crown, has since become the show star. In 1997 she starred in the film Titanic, which became the box office champion of the year. In 2002, she starred in the film "Schmidt", with the success of · and Nicholson, together with the success of the film, "".相关的主题文章: