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Acres of Equinox flower blooming enchanting Wuhan Garden Expo Equinox flower unique flowers reporter Li Yonggang photo nowadays popular movies and television drama "dragon tactic" "nine layer" demon tower appeared in the Equinox flower, let many people feel very mysterious. Yesterday, the Yangtze Daily reporter found in Wuhan Garden Expo, nearly acres of Equinox flower is in full bloom on Jingshan park. Equinox flower color is strong, a blossoming flower curling Lycoris radiate, like flame burning in Jingshan bloom, attracting many tourists taking pictures. Ms. Chang, who lives in evergreen garden, said that in the past only in the film and television works and novels have heard of the other side of the flower, but also that there is no such flower in reality. This is seen, did not expect such a bright flowers, still open in summer and autumn, summer seems to stay. Wuhan Expo, the original green construction project department director Feng Qiguo, also known as the red spider lily Equinox flower, name Lycoris radiate, red, yellow, white three colors, love the dark environment, its flowers are in bloom at the top, because life flowers do not see leaves, leaf flower disappeared the habit, by some understanding of literary works "heartless flower". Feng Qiguo said, Jingshan by Ophiopogon japonicus and Equinox flower interplanting mode, both ground cover plants, Ophiopogon japonicus leaves, to match Equinox flower. Equinox flower flowering habits in late summer and early autumn, very good supplement Park fall color, such as the end of October Equinox flower falls, Sapium, maple foliage trees, the leaves into the color phase, the public can enjoy red. It is understood that in July this year because of more rain than last year, Bana Garden Expo Park just opened more and more beautiful, flowering will continue for 1 months. The characteristics of the tourism recommendation, the most abundant tourism activities, please attention [Chu tourism (i–tour)] public Tencent Chu network WeChat WeChat matrix: Hubei’s largest mobile terminal matrix system, comprehensive coverage of 17 cities in Hubei, covering news, real estate, Home Furnishing, health, fashion, WeChat the subscription number of nearly 3 million. Search attention: the big Chu Chu Yichang (dachuwang) (hbqqyc) (dachued) in Chu Chu Chu Xiaogan (dachuxiaogan) Shiyan (dachusy) Jingmen (dachujingmen) Chu Chu Chu Jingzhou (hbqqjz) Huanggang (dachuhg) Chu Enshi (enshitengchu) Chu Xiangyang (dachuxy) Chu Xiantao (dachuxiantao)相关的主题文章: