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Abandoned by their parents as a housekeeper has been abused by her husband, but Hilary – author | maternal culture Sohu Jiangcheng passenger Kai Shu said kaishushuo Dorothy west of the fate of the stoic like an oriental woman, everywhere for family and children, but she is very active in western, forging the child’s personality, the children have the highest level of self development expectations. We also recommend a few days ago the same musk mother, mother, a soft just one, regardless of the fate of how they squeezed, they had the largest space left to the children. The common secret is: to maintain a calm state of mind. Hilary defeated! But in any case, Hilary is one of the most admired women in the world. She was born humble, but the United States has become the president of the recent history of women. Hilary owes it to her mother, Dorothea. Dorothea, this was abandoned by their parents, grandparents, by abuse as a housekeeper, and her husband after marriage has been the violence of the unfortunate woman, with all her strength, let her stand on the top of the world. Her nurturing wisdom, can be summed up in three words: static, fixed, soft. Hilary and her mother, at the wedding of her daughter, Dorothea, were born at the age of. Her mother was only 15 years old, and her father was only about 17 years old. The young couple divorced when Dorothea was 8 and her daughter, Isabella, at the age of 3. Two a poor little girl, without adult supervision under the condition of being sent from Chicago to California long-distance train, go to grandma and grandpa. The two sisters are often subject to grandma’s severe punishment, criticized and ridiculed, they completely ignored the grandpa. At the age of 14, Dorothea left home to earn a living as a nanny. The employer was very kind to her, took her to high school, and encouraged her to read more books. Dorothea said, should not have such a close family relationship in life, she couldn’t possibly know how to manage, how to take care of children. (Hilary childhood) after graduating from high school, Dorothea returned to Chicago, because her mother remarried. Her stepfather persuaded her mother to get the children to make up for the mistakes she had made. It was the first time in 10 years that mother had contacted Dorothea. Dorothea said: I was so eager to get a mother’s love, so I have to seize this opportunity to find a mother." When she and her sister returned to Chicago, the stepfather offered to take her to a vocational school instead of sending her to college as Dorothea had hoped. The mother insisted that Dorothea be a maid at home. To this end, Dorothea refused and his mother and stepfather in life, she found a secretarial work after he moved out. Unfortunately, the marriage of 18 years old, Dorothea met the 26 year old Hugh · Rodham, that is, the father of the father of the United States, and that of the age of. Compared to his childhood makes no mention of Dorothea, Hugh always endless talk about their childhood and family life in Pennsylvania. Because there was never a real sense of home, thirsty -相关的主题文章: