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Business Writing a book can certainly be challenging, not to mention finding a publisher who will accept your manuscript and invest time and money publishing your book. Therefore it is no wonder that in recent years, the self-publishing industry has boomed significantly. Rather than face rejection after rejection from traditional publishers, authors can now have their book printed and published immediately, often in a matter of weeks. Quick and easy: manuscript submitted, book published. Painless! However, the quick and easy route is not always the best one to take. The problem people often face with self-publishing is that, while they have written good content, they are not professional editors, typesetters or designers. Therefore it is unlikely that their self-published works will be of the polished, professional standard a traditionally published book is. Furthermore, writing and publishing your book is only 25% of the work involved in full scale book publication. In order for your book to succeed and to gain a return on investment, sales and marketing leads are essential. Strong links with the book trade are a necessity as selling your book through the trade will ultimately lead to higher sales numbers. Consumer marketing and publicity also play a vital part in the success of a book. Where many self-published authors fail it is because they do not have the tools and contacts to effectively present their book to the correct market. The HotHive believes in producing high quality books using innovative book design, with our trusted team of designers, copy-editors and typesetters. It also has a good working relationship with Gardners and Bertrams (the book wholesalers) who are always happy to promote The HotHives books to the booksellers because of their high quality and relevance to their target market. The HotHives authors work closely with its Publicity, Marketing and Sales team who can deliver books to the right market due to their extensive experience and wealth of contacts. If youve been looking into self-publishing but feel like you want more from your publishing deal and arent sure where to go from here, why not contact The HotHive with your book proposal? About the Author: 相关的主题文章: