A hospital in Chongqing banned employees to buy Apple’s new mobile phone offenders will be discourag kairui

A hospital in Chongqing banned employees to buy Apple’s new mobile phone offenders will be discouraging – Beijing Central Broadcasting Network Chongqing on September 29th news (reporter Wu Xinwei) according to voice of Chinese "CNR news" reported that Apple’s launch of new products, a lot of powder for impulse. However, a hospital in Chongqing District of Fuling has made clear, prohibit employees to purchase Iphone7 new Apple mobile phone, and offenders will be discouraging. According to the Chongqing Times reporter, the hospital has passed a red head document, issued a notice prohibiting the purchase of iPhone 7 and iPhone 7PLUS, who buy Apple’s new mobile phone employees will be discouraging, the original notification said, "the 67 anniversary of the founding of the People’s Republic of China, 7 days before the listing of iPhone mobile phone. The price of a similar mobile phone market high, in order to promote thrift, avoid extravagance and waste, the scholastic office decided: the prohibition of the hospital staff to buy iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 plus, such as the violation of the notification on the buyer will cancel the annual Pingxianpingyou qualifications; beyond the outside buyers, the hospital will be discouraging. Please strictly comply with the implementation." The hospital responded: this thing is. Hospital office staff said that the specific reasons for the announcement also need to contact the Dean, but the hospital dean has not yet responded to the matter. In view of this matter is recognized by the public hospitals, of course there are some people think it is not appropriate to the hospital, a man called FSQY users on the forum said that such a provision is very user-friendly, private mobile phone buy such a thing, how to work? There are friends that public power can not invade personal freedom, also a lawyer said, only for the purchase of mobile phone fired workers, the behavior itself is illegal, according to the provisions of the labor contract law, employees can sue to the employer. Chong Chongqing Academy of Social Sciences researcher believes that to buy mobile phone can not eliminate competition, should start from the corporate culture, advocate a thrifty atmosphere.相关的主题文章: