A handsome guy with ugly female friends and have color nude blackmail to Shenzhen workers-onavo protect

A handsome guy with ugly female friends and had nude blackmail color works to Shenzhen Guilin life network (Guilin Journal reporter Wang Wensheng correspondent Huang Wanru) November 11th, reporters from Xiufeng Public Security Bureau was informed that a college educated man who looks ugly, he should not blind repeatedly, a guy from the network to download photos WeChat, as their avatar. Then, a single man to join the group, with a number of women and women’s chat, temptation to send their own nude, then to coerce the other room, extort money — this is the week micro channel in the head. (Xiufeng police suspect Zhou). (Xiufeng police men) for vest variant handsome chat trick Nvwang Man Zhou Lingchuan, 30 years old this year. After the incident, according to his own account, which has a college culture, was admitted to the civil service, but for some reason not to go to work, but the migrant workers in Shenzhen. Thirty years of age Zhou is still single, there is no fixed girlfriend, because he was ugly. Ugly makes him more confident, has been living in the shadow of inferiority, especially in the face of women. This year from Shenzhen to Guilin after a week of work, then do not have to go out, he felt the most urgent problem of money and girlfriend. There, he finally thought of another face, deal with the network of women. From the beginning of September this year, Zhou chose a handsome young man’s work and life on the network, in their own WeChat head and album, and at the same time to join the network of single group, with several women chat. In a nude blackmail female netizen color fooled another person sent him to the police station to see WeChat last week a handsome woman, Ziyuan County Zengmou been deeply attracted. After several days of hot chat, Zhou asked a self timer nude and sent over. Once hesitant, Zhou was tempted her to talk about the future of the two people will always live together, take a look at the body does not matter. So, a self timer a few nude, sent to zhou. Then, one day in October this year, Zhou proposed to meet with Zengmou, about two people in a bridge through the bus station. When Zengmou to see Zhou’s true face, just said a sentence "I have something" turned away. Zhou unwilling, to expel up Zengmou Zengmou to play for a while, but determined not to go back. Zhou angry, threatening to send a nude photo to the network. Have a listen to big Hai, dare not go. At this time Zhou proposed to 600 yuan. Zeng had to use his cell phone to send him 600 yuan red envelopes. A few days later, Zhou and through WeChat to Zengmou money, once said he did not work, no money. Zhou also lured her to Guilin to accompany a meal, open the room, you can return the money to her. Then came to Guilin, and Zhou to achieve the purpose, but the money has not returned to her. In Zengmou with unreasonable demands at the same time, a Liuzhou woman danmou (23 year old actor) Zhou was also moved, both sides quickly enter the hot chat. To ask for a week, danmou life photos, then in the same way to get her number of nude photos. After Zhou’s request is not reached, the conflict of two people. Reporters have seen two people chat part of the content: (male) you open the room to Guilin. (female) is not free yet. (.相关的主题文章: