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A fall in Zhengzhou city due to either tired – Beijing Washington idiom "the harvest" most people know, can really see the sandpiper not many people. This is not a migration from the northeast to the south of the Woodcock, the night before passing through the city of Zhengzhou Sea Road and Qinling Mountains Road intersection overpass when falling from the sky. Roadside sanitation workers rushed, it will pick up to 63 bus dispatch room nearby. September 29th morning, reporters in Zhengzhou three bus companies 63 dispatching room saw only the trouble of the long billed Woodcock (pictured). According to Mr. Jing introduced, had never seen such a bird, he and his colleagues do not know how to deal with, then invited the Zhengzhou wildlife rescue station bird expert Dong Zhaowei. Dong Zhaowei told reporters that this is a general fall in either, at the beginning of September to the end of 10, the migration from the northeast to the south. The birds at night, during the day, often concealed in the forest or grass, near the night and dusk to the river, lake, paddy fields and marshes on foraging, generally during the day it is difficult to see it. The birds are mostly insects, belonging to the state three protected animals and Henan province key protected animals. "After inspection, the Woodcock no obvious trauma, no ill. From the cause of the air crash, is probably the migration in the long flight, no food may also be caused by exhaustion, after the overpass above, was suddenly galloped to auto landing shock." Dong Zhaowei said, he suggested that Mr. Jing to the bird feed some food and water, to be restored to their physical strength, to fly to the wild woods. Mr. Jing said that he had tried to fly again, but only found the Woodcock fly is not high, worried about the bad experience prey, they put it back to the control room to continue feeding. After its recovery, then fly.相关的主题文章: