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A Beijing jade factory all busy digging treasure treasure becomes a joy in the new network – waste plant family treasure only for Qi Wayu         land around the pit dug jade factory kept hidden jade experts say are too small not value the public has recently broke the news, Changping near future science and technology city a wasteland a "treasure house", someone waving shovel digging to pick up jade scrap. Reporter learned from the Tang Shan Zhen Tu Gou Cun, the site was originally a jade carving factory, has been closed for many years, the remaining waste would accumulate in this. The reporter then was picking up a few "baby" to the industry, after identification, "most are too small to do something, not what value". They carry water and busy digging treasure site with rice recently, the Beijing morning news reporter to follow the "Taobao" to find this piece of wasteland located at north of future science and Technology City, surrounded by sparsely populated, approached only to find the weeds in fact hidden many people are bending down treasures, waving spades awfully busy. Look, less than two hundred square meters of land scattered on the 20 to a "Taobao", they come together, a digging shovel, a man searching for stones from the earth, even with a meal, carrying water, also a sunshade. A couple is pointing to the basin size a piece of jade smiled and said, "this is our morning to dig, in recent days a lot of harvest." Reporters noted that most of the bags are "stone", have been grinding or break the traces above, translucent and shiny color little fist size stones. The public display to dig turquoise. Not only is the market about selling a kind of fun scene a woman told reporters that she has this "digging up treasure" for more than two years, "a few months ago to dig a big, I got myself on the jade bracelet son and light processing fees spent more than and 500 dollars, but people say that good color Yucheng the value of the." Now, the size of the general ordinary color jade, agate, crystal she has not seen, I dig turquoise, something valuable". Next to another woman also said, "I heard a man dug a large turquoise, selling 20 thousand pieces of luck, fortune, but she admits that he has dug has not been sold. The scene of a man holding a plastic bag of jade pieces called the price of 2000 yuan, No one shows any interest in direct price to 200 yuan, he ultimately did not sell. Most part is said to something not for money, just a new map. A man carrying two bags of crushed stones, said the man was picking up the shop to do the decoration below, "although it is not worth the money, but really want to buy is not easy to buy." A couple dug a piece of jade basin size. Visited the jade factory was abandoned twenty years wasteland why such a large number of jade material? Nearby villagers said, here before there is a jade carving factory, "threw the leftovers". The reporter then from Changping District Xiaotangshan Tugou village committee director Wang Department confirms the above statement, before there is a jade factory closed in the last century, around the beginning of 90s. Later, the demolition of the village, that piece of land has become a wasteland, about from the beginning of last year相关的主题文章: