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800 bond difficult to return to the mystery: the time of the opacity of the situation more than deducting the "800" margin difficult to return to the mystery "and so on for the past 60 days, and so on for the past 60 days, the deposit has not thawed." As a "800 fold" sale mall merchants, Mr. Shan of Xi’an met "do not get back to the deposit withdraw not store" embarrassing data figure. In the name of "to pay attention to 800 fold merchant rights group QQ group, the group of nearly 90 businesses involved in human rights, many businesses have encountered the problem of delay margin return platform, in addition to many businesses that have plagued the rule of arbitrary deduction margin of the Weekend reporter Chou Fei waited for 60 days, and 60 days no, deposit or thaw." As a "800 fold" sale mall merchants, Mr. Shan of Xi’an met "do not get back to the deposit withdraw not store" embarrassment. Public data shows, "% 800" belonging to the group purchase navigation site 800, is a commodity sale website, the sale of goods from the web site in Tmall and Taobao merchants merchants. Like most of the third party e-commerce trading platform, "800 fold" is the cooperative business implementation of "margin management" — according to the "800 fold platform for business services agreement", "800 fold" according to business information, such as for a certain period of cooperation to ensure the amount of deposit, business management, in accordance with the platform rules qualified quality products and services, always exist in the business of the margin in the frozen state and 800 fold "account, such as the termination of cooperation and business without any violation or breach of contract, the deposit is refunded without interest businesses. Since the fold 800 platform rules have been clear to terminate the business will terminate the merchant bond, what is the reason, so that Mr. Deposit the thawing time opaque law weekend told reporters Mr. Shan, in October last year, he registered account in "% 800" sale mall business women, and pay a deposit of $ten thousand to the platform. Originally, in March this year, I do not intend to continue to sell women’s clothing, and attended the March platform limited promotional activities after I panic buying on the shelf of the store, want to wait for the full 60 days will apply to thaw deposit." Mr. Shan know, fold 800 provisions after the end of all the activities of the merchant platform, 60 days can thaw margin. Law Weekend reporter also noted in the "agreement" in 800 fold margin businesses, for sale mall cooperation, "% 800" provisions of the deposit can be at the end of 60 days and all aspects of the transaction (including transaction cost, customer service, and Buyers rights deal) after the completion of the operation by the merchants themselves to thaw businessmen "fold 800" account. During this period, if the "% 800" found that businesses exist or may exist violation or breach of contract, and in the 60 days can not be processed, "800 fold" have the right to deposit freeze for 30 days or longer operating emergency net margin, to the illegal business and breach of contract after handling the specific circumstances after thawing or return. But businesses have outstanding "800 fold" to pay, still on the margin相关的主题文章: