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80 yuan free fire reboiler sold 300 yuan is still the old people looted – Beijing had sold only 80 yuan pot, but was taken to the district to promote and sell 300 yuan, but also the old people looted. More angry is that the "free fire reboiler no function! October 24th, Shenyang evening news, Shenyang network reporter interviewed the matter. Free hair basin is actually selling pot "Pan look very good, who can think of the use? Is a decoration!" 61 year old Liu mentioned the thing to buy a pot to be cheated, emotional: I live in Tiexi District, take off a street, No. 46, which is what happened last Saturday!" She told reporters, October 22nd 10 am, the district came to a group of young men and women, claiming to be a company staff, the company is engaged in public welfare activities, to the elderly over the age of 60 free distribution of daily necessities. After hearing the news, the old people have a lot to rush about telling the news around spreading quickly, silver haired old man. Sure enough, the direction of each of the elderly free of charge for a plastic basin, but also issued a pot to buy a discount card. The old man grabbed the money to buy pot, their real purpose is to sell pot." Liu recalled that the pot called "free fire reboiler — Method of use is put food inside the pot, boil a few minutes, and then into the pot stew, the inside of the food can be eaten. Moreover, the pot can be kept for more than 3 hours, in particular, the provincial fire. I heard that gas costs can be saved, the elderly are very interested in. Promoters said that this is about to be listed in December this year, new products, the market price of more than 900 yuan. The event is to repay the new and old customers, the scene only brought more than 10 only, with a discount card to buy 300 yuan. As a result, the elderly are scrambling to buy a pot of money, and will soon buy pot light. After the sale of the pot to turn off the home after the discovery of Ms. Liu, just to buy the pot and the pot is no different, there is no commitment to promoters function. Moreover, the pot is very light in the hand, the quality is not very good. Subsequently, the family online inquiry found that this "free water" online price is only 80 yuan. After feeling cheated, Liu dialed the phone number left by promoters, but found that the other has been shut down. "Too unreasonable, under during peaceful times!" Ms. Liu said. According to statistics, there are dozens of people in the entire area was deceived, cheated more than sixty or seventy years of age. She wanted to borrow this newspaper to remind you, if you encounter such a situation, don’t be fooled by the fraudster’s blandishments, so as not to be deceived. Shenyang evening news, Shenyang network reporter Tang Kuiyang相关的主题文章: