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8 universities in Shandong next year to recruit civil aviation intends to recruit 371 people in November 18th, reporters learned from the Shandong Provincial Academy recruit, according to the 2017 civil aviation cadet recruit plans next year, 8 universities will China civil aviation college recruit students professional flight 371 in Shandong. Among them, the two cadet in Ji’nan. The reporter learned that, in Shandong province in 2017 a total of 8 Cadet colleges, namely civil aviation college, Civil Aviation University of China, Nanjing University of Aeronautics & Astronautics, Nanchang China University of Aeronautics and Astronautics, Shanghai University of Engineering Science, Binzhou University, Anyang Institute of Technology and Yantai Nanshan University. Among them, the Shanghai University of Engineering Science and the Binzhou University in Ji’nan pilot. Among them, the Shanghai University of Engineering Science flight professional recruit a total of 20 people, including Ji’nan and Laiwu students; Binzhou University enrolled 130 people, students, Ji’nan, Zibo, Jining, Tai’an, Laiwu, Linyi, Dezhou, Binzhou, Heze and other 9 cities. In addition, Civil Aviation University of China professional flight academy, China recruit a total of 90 people, including 50 people in Qingdao city (China Eastern Airlines Co culture, science 40, arts 10 people), Weifang City, Zaozhuang City, Rizhao City, Liaocheng City, a total of 30 people (training, for the Uni Airways Corporation of Shandong science 24, arts 6 people), Weihai 10 (for the Air China Cargo Co culture, science 8, arts 2). Nanjing University of Aeronautics & Astronautics flight technology professional recruit 20 people, source city: Rizhao City, Linyi City, Nanchang University of Aeronautics and astronautics flight technology professional recruit 20 people. Students: Zaozhuang City, Yantai city; Anyang Institute of Technology flight technology professional recruit 11 people (Science, 9 people, liberal arts of the 2 people), source city: Weifang city; Yantai Nanshan University flight technology professional recruit 80 people. Source: Dongying, Yantai, Jining, Heze. From the point of view to recruit, recruit high school graduates is 2017, the date of birth between September 1, 1997 and August 31, 2001, in accordance with the civil aviation pilot selection conditions, and for the army cadet qualification examination qualified candidates outside. If the candidates to join the army after the army cadet Cadet check does not meet the conditions, can apply for students corresponding civil aviation universities (units). It is understood that the relevant registration and examination arrangement of the branch office by the China Eastern Airlines Co Shandong Air China Cargo Co, Cadet Cadet office and the University organization. It is worth mentioning that, corresponding to the enrollment of two colleges and universities students candidates can only choose one to participate in the interview examination. (Dazhong – Shandong 24 hours reporter Sun Jie)相关的主题文章: