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6 reasons hindering the healing of acne – Sohu exclusive oxygen network and new oxygen beauty App exclusive medical column, reprint need authorization. The new WeChat oxygen subscription number: soyoung111 ——————————————————————————– many people will have the forehead Zhangdou, and a lot of the time we don’t know what is the acne out, so we don’t know how to eliminate acne. In fact, to eliminate acne, we just need to identify the causes of acne, targeted treatment can be. What is the reason for that acne? One of the reasons: the pillow is not always cleaned, the pillow is the place where bacteria grow easily. When turning over, the skin and pillow will contact for a long time, and the bacteria on the pillow are most likely to encroach on the skin and cause acne. So it’s better to get the pillow in the sun once a week, and the pillows should be cleaned. The reason two: vitamin C deficiency because vitamin C has the effect of inhibiting sebum secretion and anti-inflammatory, so there is a solution to acne deterioration and inflammation effect. The recommended fruit is persimmon. One can take full vitamin C for one day. Three reasons: excessive drinking can accelerate the flow of blood, excessive circulation of blood will lead to skin flushing blood, and even acne. In addition, alcohol contains strong sebum secretion of sugar, can promote the secretion of sebum, and want to acne early recovery, it is recommended not to drink or appropriate control of alcohol consumption. Four reasons: drinking water is too small, many people do not love water, thirsty when they want to drink water, this is actually a bad habit. Drinking water is too small, easy to dry constipation, so that toxins deposited in the body is difficult to discharge, the skin is more likely to acne. Five reasons: the use of strong cleanser, the use of surfactant cleanser, usually cleaning force is very strong, will cause dry skin, resulting in exuberant sebum secretion. Drying makes the skin thicken the cuticle to lock the water, and the excess cutin blocks the pores. Therefore, please buy a gentle cleanser for the skin. Six reasons: with strong clean soap to deal with back acne, the body in the face of the T part, chest, back sebum secretion of the most exuberant. Especially sweat glands in the back, easy to sweat, but also the most difficult to thoroughly clean parts. Clean soap will cause skin burden, but will make acne worse, should pay more attention to. The new ———————————————————————————– oxygen oxygen network and the new beauty App is the most popular beauty of the eastern hemisphere micro plastic community and online mall, millions of women choose reputation. Beauty, professional doctors, fashion reds, mass change diary, you change to beauty ~!

妨碍痘痘痊愈的6个原因-搜狐   新氧网和新氧美容App独家名医专栏,转载需授权。新氧微信订阅号:soyoung111   ——————————————————————————–   不少人都会出现额头长痘的情况,而很多时候我们根本都不知道这痘痘到底是怎么出来的,所以也就不知道怎么能消除痘痘。事实上,要消除痘痘的话,我们只需要找准痘痘出现的原因针对性治疗就可以了。那长痘痘到底是什么原因呢?   原因之一:不常清洗枕头套   枕头是细菌容易生长的地方,翻身时皮肤与枕头会长时间接触,枕头上的细菌最易侵害皮肤,而使之长出痘痘。因此一周最好将枕头拿到太阳底下晒上一次,枕头套也要勤于清洗。   原因之二:维他命C不足   因维他命C有抑制皮脂过剩分泌及消炎的功效,所以有解决痘痘恶化及发炎的效果。推荐的水果是柿子,吃一颗就可以充分摄取一日所需的维他命C。   原因之三:饮酒过量   饮酒能加快血液的流动,血液的过度循环会导致皮肤冲血、甚至出现痘痘。另外,酒类含有让皮脂分泌旺盛的糖分,能促进皮脂的分泌,想痘痘早日痊愈的话,建议不要饮酒或者适当控制饮酒量。   原因之四:饮水量太少   很多人不爱喝水,口渴时才会想起来喝点水,这其实是个不好的习惯。饮水过少容易发生便干便秘,使毒素淤积在体内难以排出,肌肤更容易长痘痘。   原因之五:使用强力洗面乳   使用表面活性剂的洗面乳,通常洗净力都很强,会造成肌肤干燥,导致皮脂分泌旺盛。干燥会让皮肤为了锁住水分而增厚角质层,多余的角质会堵塞毛孔。因此,请选购对肌肤温和的洗面乳。   原因之六:用强力清洁肥皂对付背部痘痘   身体中以脸的T字部位、前胸、后背的皮脂分泌最旺盛。特别是后背汗腺多、容易流汗,偏偏又是最难彻底清洁的部位。清洁力强的肥皂,会造成肌肤负担,反而会让青春痘更加恶化,要多加注意。   ———————————————————————————–   新氧网和新氧美容App是东半球人气最旺的美容微整形社区和在线商城,百万爱美女性的口碑之选。美容达人、专业名医、时尚红人、海量变美日记等你来变美~相关的主题文章: