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The 500 meter radio telescope FAST today completed the index still need hard – Sohu technology FAST Jianguan Sagong panorama wrote today (September 25, 2016), the National Academy of Sciences China Observatory in Guizhou Prefecture of Qiannan Province, the use of local landform in Karst built FAST (Five-hundred-meter Aperture Spherical radio Telescope English acronym) radio telescope will announce the completion. In recent years, especially this year, as "the world’s first large radio telescope," has received area "30 standard football fields of FAST obtained across various media reports enthusiasm, give a person a kind of scenery here alone good feeling. But in fact, there are many problems in the construction process of FAST, some of which have not yet been properly addressed. For example, despite the completion of the near future, but its innovative design requirements of the real-time tracking of the radio source function is not working. It is only a matter of time before the function of the antenna operates and meets the design specifications. The so-called "sky radio real-time tracking target source function" refers to the rotation of the earth, the sky will be radio source FAST observations as the sun rises from the horizon across the sky, and then down the horizon. As an important innovation of FAST antenna design is a parabolic antenna panel controlled the requirements of the relevant part of the time to adjust the antenna, so that it can accurately track enough to mobile radio source in the sky. In fact, to really high quality fully built such a diameter of 500 meters large single antenna radio telescope, is not only supporting the more than 4 thousand combined antenna panel, the main beam and the construction of closure six towers and other things, also includes many aspects of the work, requirement for the comprehensive performance of the whole telescope system in many aspects is very high, facing various difficulties and challenges is hitherto unknown. Media reports of major scientific projects for ebullience is full of expectations, but only about FAST design index and expected, does not involve the essence of standard high quality technology really is, even deliberately avoided the explanation and analysis of the important problems, difficulties and challenges, not only is very dangerous "flicker" too, it will for a long time is not realistic propaganda attitude, and make it difficult to let the public and leaders fully understand do large scientific instruments and equipment project and make good use of these instruments make the frontier science it is how not easy. On the contrary, if the scientists and the public in general are of major scientific projects such as the FAST complexity of time aware and alert, to take seriously the former strict in demands of the project, the normal range of twists and turns in understanding tolerance, huge scientific project implementation to win funding agencies, the scientific community and the public trust and long-term support. This is the case, it is the long-term scientific development plans, including all fields. Only to do a good job, the instrument, technology, data analysis and the solution to the forefront of science books相关的主题文章: