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Web-Design When starting out with a website, many business owners surf around the internet a view their .petitors websites. This is good in getting a general idea of what is standard in your industry. However, keep in mind that you want to be ahead of the curve and not behind the eight ball. It is advisable to get ideas from your .petitors but do not copy what they are doing. Your website design should last at least 3 years. If you copy what they are doing, soon they will change and be doing something bigger and better and your website will look outdated. Therefore, look to their website for ideas to build on. Be innovative in the development of your website. 1.About Us Think about it, in most cases they learned about your business indirectly through advertisement of some sort whether it be mail, internet or word of mouth. Therefore, one of the first reasons a potential client/customer visits a website is to legitimate the business. They want to know that the person they are potentially doing business with are really in business. 2.Services/Products Once your potential customer has familiarized themselves with your business, they will more than likely visit your Services or Products page. This page should talk about the different services and/or products you offer. 3.Solutions This is a very flexible category. Many websites use this page for other purposes and usually dont have a solutions page. However, the Solutions page purpose it to showcase the Solutions your business has for its customer. A solution would be a useful .bination of your services and products that would solve a problem for your potential client. The main purpose of this page is to sell yourself or your business to the potential client through practical application and demonstration. 4.Contact Us Well as you know every website must have a Contact Us webpage. This page would have information like the physical address of your business, directions to your establishment, email addresses, phone numbers, a map, and a contact form. People who work from home would probably not want to put their physical address or personal info on this page but it is highly re.mended to include at least a phone number can be obtained as cheaply as $1.95/mo). 5.Home Page I know you expected the home page to be the first page I talked about. It is the most obvious page that everyone has. But this page is the most difficult page to explain, so I saved it for last. The home page is the first page most visitors see when they visit your website. Therefore, the structure and information presented on the first page are key to whether the visitor continues to view your site or leaves and goes elsewhere. If your presentation is not professional and eye-catching with fresh, .pelling and interesting content your potential customer will be history. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: