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3D epic movie "the silk road hero." reproduce the Tang Dynasty style silk cloud dy – Entertainment Sohu won the sixth Beijing International Film Festival National Film Festival Gold Award for Best Screenplay leaves 3D epic movie "the silk road hero?" cloud dysprosium upcoming September 13th National release. The "Silk Road" as the historical background, describes the history of the Silk Road story capable of evoking praises and tears in the evolution of the original epic movie, is a response to the national "The Belt and Road" major strategic masterpieces, is the "Beijing" 13th Five-Year "minority social development plan" national culture "quality engineering" the project "Silk Road hero" series of film and television works (Drama). In the nineteenth Shanghai International Film Festival "Belt and Road Initiative" screening unit, was also included in the third session of the Silk Road International Film Festival, launched once attention from all walks of life. Recently, the famous singer Han Lei love to sing the theme song of the movie hero world MV also officially released. The movie theme song "hero of the world" by Zong Tan lyricist, Gaopeng composer, melody full of vast grasslands and heroic atmosphere. MV songs for the audience to start slowly a silk road: Beauty Xuefeng, grassland, desert, Gobi, beautiful screen; horse gallop, eagle, passion and shock. Han Lei’s voice, the most vividly expressed the hero of the film and the great love. The song "MV" in the hero world wonderful debut "the silk road hero?" in the beautiful cloud dysprosium shocking images regardless of the grasslands of Hulun Buir or Dunhuang, the golden age of the silk road will bring a magnificent visual enjoyment. In addition to the magnificent scenery of the grassland, as well as the copy from rolia love story, very touching and heroic epic. There are no regrets love stick, also has the big historical background, between individuals in the family and country choice. "The silk road hero?" theme song "the world of dysprosium cloud hero" MV: "the silk road hero?" dy cloud adaptation of original literary works "from the writer in Tan Hero World" first volume of "cloud" to a Dy, urban white-collar Battelle tired of city life, to find a roll of Dunhuang Mogao Grottoes in Dunhuang accident and suicide note found an ancient ancestral bow and origin of the Silk Road in the Tang Dynasty hero story capable of evoking praises and tears, opened a legend in Tang Dynasty and married a princess of grassland, reflecting the history of the ancient Silk Road national unity and fusion. The hero’s growth and fraternity are the theme of the film. From the perspective of history, we can take care of reality and depict the great historical process of national unity and integration. From about the Chinese hero very touching epic inheritance to the country "The Belt and Road" strategic rich cultural history. This is the ancient Kam today, carry forward the patriotic feelings of righteousness, sing the praises of the hero. This kind of heroic feelings is a kind of spiritual power and moral nourishment that we need at present. What is a hero, what is love, perhaps by watching the movie "the silk road hero?" will be the sentiment of dysprosium cloud. In order to let more audience feel the good atmosphere of learning, propaganda, heroic hero hero hero, hero, Thanksgiving care and striving to be a hero. Recently, China News agency.相关的主题文章: