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37 year old girl Chen Yao had a son and a daughter in the "good" Chen Yao and son of a small potatoes data Tencent entertainment news (text chart in November 9th, Xue Jianyu Simic) 37 year old Chen Yao gave birth to a daughter, the daughter of Chen Yao weighs six pounds 72, is the birth, postpartum and safe, Chen Yao daughter named "small Jasmine", said it was because in the South with the baby, so take a flower’s name. Chen Yao happily and daughter photos, Chen Yao brokerage company staff said: "Chen Yao postpartum state is very good.". He was also a micro-blog, drying out and daughter photos, and attached to the text: "dear little jasmine, mom and dad want to send you the lyrics:" you’ll be forever young and beautiful to me. "."" The mother and daughter of the two people nestled together, Chen Yao’s face, although tired, but also completely cover up full of happiness. Now, Chen Yao, a child and a daughter, has become a "good" word. Chen Yao’s first son, a small potato, was born at 7:45 in the evening of July 15, 2013. Yang Mi’s girlfriends are too rich! Chen Yao, 37, gave birth to a woman this morning (Tencent entertainment)

37岁姚晨顺产得女 一儿一女凑足“好”字姚晨和儿子小土豆资料图腾讯娱乐讯(文 小西 图 薛建宇)11月9日,37岁的姚晨产下一女,据悉姚晨的女儿重六斤七两,是顺产,产后母女平安,姚晨为女儿取名“小茉莉”,称是因为在南方怀上的宝宝,所以取一个花的名字。姚晨幸福地和女儿合影姚晨经纪公司的工作人员表示:姚晨产后状态非常好。自己也是发微博,晒出和女儿的合影并附文道:“亲爱的小茉莉,爸爸妈妈想把这句歌词送给你:“you’ll be forever young and beautiful to me 。””照片中的母女二人依偎在一起,姚晨的面容虽显疲惫,但也完全掩盖不住满满的幸福感。现在一儿一女的姚晨凑成了“好”字。姚晨第一胎儿子小土豆在2013年7月15日晚7时45分出生。 杨幂的闺蜜太有钱了! 37岁姚晨今晨顺产得女 (腾讯娱乐)相关的主题文章: