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[all evening]228: ofo formally enter the deep North of Guangzhou; Facebook influence the results of the presidential election; Ma Wuzhen speech – [introduction] technology Sohu such as ofo logic is not the same location to do the v-mobile car, but is connected to the car platform. This is the ability of the platform should be equipped with excellent quality. For ofo, in the short term, its ability to keep up with the pace of expansion is still not a small variable. [text] 1 [excellent step VS excellent step? The excellent step executives to bring the team into the ofo, and the v-mobile spread north of Guangzhou Shenzhen four City showdown] yesterday declared a fifth Mobell just Chengdu City, ofo today officially announced, will also enter the four city. Perhaps a coincidence, ofo into the deep North of Guangzhou, is a four Mobell original work. Head to head the horn sounded. As the year of the battle of the car, bike sharing of beach goers may have no one can then safely into the gentle. The cruelest moment is about to begin. 2 affect the results of the presidential election? FB false news how to break the problem? Facebook] false news public opinion toward the problem was recently accused the president of the United States in the teeth of the storm, affect the election results. So how should the social network solve the problem? Can not rely on a large number of artificial editing to identify the case? Foreign media Quarz recently wrote four suggestions. 3 Ma Wuzhen speech record: the next 30 years who is the world? ] in November 17th, the third session of the World Conference on the Internet officially opened yesterday, chairman of the board of directors of Alibaba (micro-blog) Ma Yun delivered a keynote speech at the opening ceremony, the "Internet technology revolution brainpower, future data will become the core resource", "the next thirty years, to make good use of the Internet technology companies, countries and young people", "the future of education not only the transmission of knowledge, we should pay more attention to the cultivation of creativity and imagination", "wisdom need to drive the need for IQ, EQ, need more" love "". 4 [transfer interest installments of parent company or the United States next year IPO valuation reached ten billion] November 17th afternoon news today reported to have fun shop (original taste staging) parent company next year will be listed on the United States, in this regard, Sina Technology to store interest confirmation, which expressed no comment. However, interested in the store to confirm CFO Yang has been in the near future recruits. 5 [iPhone6s automatic shutdown: Apple official no clear solution] obviously there are almost half of the electricity, iPhone6 and 6S on the shutdown. The day before, the more consumers iPhone6 and 6S automatic shutdown phenomenon. For this, Shanghai City Consumer Protection Committee has interviewed people in charge of apple in Shanghai, and responded that currently has been part of consumer complaints, the Apple Corp promised to replace the battery to ensure the normal use of consumers. However, the reporter then call Apple customer service and went to the store survey found that staff have said that the need for specific testing to know why, there is no official official statement. 6 [IBM first place相关的主题文章: