2016 Summer box office box office growth rate is low only Warcraft a over one billion – media-plants war

The 2016 Summer box office record low   growth; only a "world of Warcraft" one billion – media – people.com.cn August the end of summer movie also settled, according to arts grace think tank to provide exclusive JINGWAH times data show that as of August 31st 24, summer three months (June 1st -8 31) total box office movies for 12 billion 429 million yuan, with basically the same as the 2015 summer three months grossed 12 billion 431 million yuan, but the growth rate has hit a new low in recent years. The movie "Warcraft" to win 1 billion 472 million yuan at the box office, behind the "Tomb notes" (987 million yuan). Compared with the past, what happened to the Chinese film this summer? JINGWAH Times reporter recently interviewed a number of people in the industry, a review of the past three months. A reading of 12 billion 429 million and basically the same as last year, according to arts grace data, as of August 31st 24, 2016 three summer months (June 1st -8 31) film grossed 12 billion 429 million yuan, basically unchanged from the 2015 summer three months grossed 12 billion 431 million yuan (2 million yuan less), but has been hit nearly 9 years of low growth. The 2015 summer file increase is 35.12%. Viewing from the viewing point of view, in 2016 the summer file viewing time was 373 million, compared to last year’s 355 million passengers, an increase of 5.1%. From 2010 to 2015, China film market 6 years this summer at the box office were 2 billion 330 million yuan, 4 billion 200 million yuan, 4 billion 200 million yuan, 6 billion yuan, 9 billion 200 million yuan, 12 billion 431 million yuan, year after year to achieve box office step growth. Before the file "this summer cold", a summer in "cold period" appeared in 2012 (and 2011 summer box office flat, slowed down). Domestic films hold positions but accounted for maintain dominance over summer domestic continued to decline this year, 82 films at the box office billions of dollars have 13, accounted for 52%, 18 pieces of imported contribution of about 6 billion yuan, accounting for 48% of the box office. The 2015 summer file made 92 films, as of August 18th domestic film box office accounted for more than 62%, the proportion of imports accounted for more than 38%. Obviously, this summer, the proportion of domestic film box office declined. Back in 2015 the summer, ranked in the top 5 of the film at the box office were over 600 million yuan, the top three "catch" "Jurassic world" "pancake man" are more than 1 billion yuan, "the return" was also reached 950 million yuan. This summer, the box office in the top 6 of the movie box office have been over $600 million, but the film broke only $1 billion, wow, the final box office is difficult to compete with last year’s champion. Many people in the industry have said that this summer, the lack of file explosion of the phenomenon of film. In addition, the Warcraft row accounted for 65.1% of the high innovation. Since the summer of domestic film quality generally is not too high, some imported films are expected to cinema. B characteristics of the lack of the phenomenon of the lack of dark horse this summer stalls of the film watercress score is generally low, most of the film score hovering around 5 points. At the top of the box office相关的主题文章: