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15 points, 101 wins! The warriors on terror record almost cut off once the eagle warriors beat badly sina sports news Beijing time on February 23rd, Jinzhou warriors in the 102-92 away to beat the Atlanta eagles, game, warrior was leading by 23 points, but they also had been the comeback. But in the end, the warriors continued their magic laws – as long as 15 points ahead, they will win, which is their 101st game winning streak with 15 points ahead. In this game, the warriors had played so smooth, they in the third quarter of 6 minutes and 56 seconds, with a basket of curry made the 70-47 lead, the huge gap of 23 points that hawks are difficult to roll over. But the eagle did not give up on the third day of the less than 7 minutes, the eagle had scored 28 points, single shot 36-18, to catch the score only 1 points behind 75-76. In the fourth quarter, with the Hovde layup, the eagle was 77-76 against the warriors. The warrior was in a cold sweat. Fortunately, with Craig – Thompson continuous score, the warriors again took the lead, and ultimately win. Warriors eventually won the game, which also allowed their magic laws to continue – as long as warriors lead 15 or more points in the game, they will certainly win the game. In the last game against the clippers, the warriors once scored 18 points, and finally they won, which is their 100th victory in 15 points. Today, the record is extended to 101 games. Of course, winning 15 points is not a particularly difficult thing to win. Especially for some teams, once let them 15 points ahead opponent wants to comeback almost impossible. Over the past 20 years, 91% of the league has won 15 points and won. There were two more victories than warriors, the Sanantonio spurs and the Dallas Mavericks (data up to 2014-15), in which the Spurs won 112 consecutive victories, and the Mavericks won 111 consecutive victories. But today’s warriors are amazing, and according to their usual play, once a big lead to win, you can add a record for this record. As long as they won more than a dozen games, they could surpass the Mavs and spurs. After all, this record is not harsh, fault rate is very high, if the warriors lost is not included in the record; leading and lose, but the game does not lead 15 is not included; so the warrior wants to shock the record still have high hopes; believe in the strength of the warriors and the state, it is not difficult to do. (goo DA)

领先15分101连胜! 勇士这恐怖纪录差点断了 勇士一度被老鹰揍的很惨   新浪体育讯  北京时间2月23日,金州勇士在客场以102-92击败了亚特兰大老鹰,比赛中,勇士一度领先23分之多,但他们也险些被老鹰翻盘。不过最终,勇士延续了自己的神奇定律——只要领先15分,就一定获胜,这是他们领先15分的第101场连胜了。   本场比赛,勇士本来打得顺风顺水,他们在第三节6分56秒时,凭借库里的一次上篮取得了70-47的领先,23分的巨大鸿沟让老鹰很难翻身。   但老鹰并没有放弃,就在第三节这不到7分钟的时间里,老鹰居然狂砍28分,单节打出36-18,将比分追到75-76只落后1分。而第四节开局,随着霍福德上篮得手,老鹰以77-76反超了勇士。   这不禁令勇士吓出一身冷汗。好在随着克雷-汤普森的连续砍分,勇士又重新取得了领先,并最终赢球。   勇士终究是赢了比赛,这也让他们的神奇定律得到了延续——只要勇士在比赛中领先15分或者更多,他们就一定会赢得比赛。在上一场对阵快船的比赛中,勇士一度取得了18分的领先,最终他们获得了胜利,那是他们领先15分的第100场胜利。而今天,这个纪录被延伸到101场。   当然,取得15分领先就赢球并不是特别难的事情。尤其是对于一些强队来说,一旦让他们领先了15分,对手想要翻盘就几乎不可能。在过去的20年里,全联盟有91%的球队只要取得15分领先就会赢球。其中取得连胜超过勇士的也有两支——圣安东尼奥马刺和达拉斯小牛(数据截至2014-15赛季),其中马刺获得了112场连胜,小牛获得了111场连胜。   不过如今的勇士实力惊人,按照他们惯常打法,一旦大比分领先赢球,就能为这个纪录增加一场。他们只要再赢上十几场,就可以超过小牛和马刺的纪录了。毕竟这个纪录并不苛刻,容错率很高,如果勇士输球则不计入纪录;领先而输球,但比赛中没有领先15分也不用计入;因此勇士想要冲击这个纪录还是大有希望的;相信以勇士的实力和状态,做到这一点并不难。   (咕哒)相关的主题文章: