13 years of love off! Lv Lijun ” &quot angered Joseph Lau for adoption;-naughty怎么读

13 years of love off! Lv Lijun " " birthright; Joseph Lau Lv Lijun was angered Joseph Lau. Effective reds, but now has become a stranger last year Lv Lijun was photographed with a man driving car together. Sina entertainment news Beijing on November 16th news, according to Hongkong media reports, Lv Lijun in the UK in 2001 and Joseph Lau and occasional part-time, the spectrum of love, Joseph Lau supported her to Britain to study, to break up in 2014. This is 13 years, holding the British University of London Kings College chemistry PhD she was Joseph Lau’s right hand, Joseph Lau will also have some business to take care of her company, and Joseph Lau gave birth to a son and a daughter and son Ying Xiu feng. But her spirit wants to become "Liu Tai" ambition, but became two people have got a fuse. In 2008, Lv Lijun issued a statement to the media questioned the process, Gambi (Chen Kaiyun) who is the daughter of the father, "birthright" storm, prompting Joseph Lau dissatisfied with the two feelings have changed, then is rare with Lv Lijun alongside Joseph Lau, Lv Lijun finally fade out. In April last year, she hopes to devote more time to do business and charity, officially resigned as China holding office. In August last year, Lv Lijun was photographed drinking her with a value of 4 million yuan to run driving male friends for dinner. In the newspaper yesterday as Joseph Lau said in a statement, as early as 2014, he and Lv Lijun broke up, is the last year Lv Lijun was "free". (Miao Fei) (commissioning editor: banana)相关的主题文章: