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10 tens of thousands can buy "Land Rover", which is more choice? Sohu vehicle Landwind X7 has been published from attention, its appearance is very much like the Land Rover aurora is often controversial, we do not discuss this, Landwind X7 in the configuration is very rich, the same level models have the advantage of this is undeniable, we have to look at this today rich configuration models which to buy money is the most worthy of the. Landwind X7 a total of three models, both collocation 2.0T turbocharged engine from MITSUBISHI, 4G634T, matching 8 speed tiptronic transmission. In the compact SUV level, 2.0T engines are rare. And with 8 transmission, which is a luxury brand configuration. Three models are pre precursor, for the urban road two drive enough to deal with. In the passive safety equipment, low profile with respect to enjoy only the main copilot airbags, in this regard is lacking. With the distinguished version of the lower side with more than side airbags, top with the ultimate six airbags all together, and more tire pressure monitoring device. Active safety equipment on the three models, and are equipped with descent, it is surprisingly good three models have a panoramic sunroof, parking, and parking radar, multi-function steering wheel, such configuration, the difference is low with the exclusive version not really leather seats, main and auxiliary driving the blocks are not electric adjustment and front and rear seat heating. And the only version with the main driving seat has an electric adjustment. With the ultimate out of the roof rack more than the other two models, in the daily use and not this configuration, and the main passenger seat is electrically adjustable. The three models have daytime running lights, rearview mirror fold induction wiper, which is not exclusive version of the GPS navigation system and headlight height adjustment, as the beggar version without these configuration is understandable. Distinguished edition and ultimate have lane departure warning system and panoramic camera, the new car safety and convenience are helpful. The three models in the configuration difference is small, with low price difference between 10 thousand and 8000 yuan. With more than ultimate with some security configuration but has received 8000 yuan worth and so. While the low allocation and the allocation in spite of your 10 thousand, but more than a lot of practicality, comfort, security configuration, there are a number of high-tech use of driving configuration, these configurations add up to more than 10 thousand. So the recommendation of the tomato brother is: 2015 2.0T panorama distinguished Edition相关的主题文章: