84GREE can resume trading today; Bao Ampang stake earnings – energy – bullish people.com.cn|GREE can resume trading today; Bao Ampang stake earnings – energy – bullish people.com.cn5

GREE   can resume trading today; Bao Ampang stake earnings – energy – bullish people.com.cn original title: GREE Electric Po can resume trading today bullish stock income of GREE electric Ampang (000651) at a price of 13 billion yuan acquisition of Zhuhai silver long 100% stake, after the completion of the acquisition, the company will cut into the new energy automobile production research and development, and the lithium ion battery, new energy vehicles and energy storage business into the company’s future important business growth, the company shares resume trading today. GREE in February this year when the suspension market is low, the Shanghai composite index corresponding to around 2800, while the September 1st closing price has reached 3063 points, with a strong compensatory growth expected. Semi annual report shows that the treasure Department of Qianhai life insurance products Haley year holds 90 million 102 thousand and 900 shares in GREE electric, GREE electric appliances accounted for 1.50% of the total share capital, ranked fourth large shareholders. Ampang insurance group, the harmony health insurance company holdings GREE 48 million 190 thousand shares, is the eighth largest shareholder. With the resumption of GREE electric appliances, these institutions will become beneficiaries. Supporting the financing amount down the revised restructuring plan, GREE intends to issue 835 million shares to 15.57 yuan shares, at a price of 13 billion yuan acquisition JETCO investment group and other 21 counterparties held 100% stake in Zhuhai Yinlong; at the same time, intends to 15.57 yuan shares to 8 specific non-public offering of shares supporting fund-raising not more than 9 billion 700 million yuan. All for Zhuhai long silver project, one of the controlling shareholder of GREE Group intends to subscribe for 4 billion 188 million yuan, the employee stock ownership plan intends to subscribe for not more than 2 billion 380 million yuan. Prior to the media briefing, chairman Dong Mingzhu said, GREE’s acquisition is well thought out, is not blind, the acquisition of more value is the new energy technology." Zhuhai Yinlong technology is not so valuable, the Shenzhen Stock Exchange issued restructuring letter of inquiry, put forward 29 problems from the three aspects of trading scheme, the counterparty and the subject of the transaction, involving the company’s lithium titanate battery technology, financial subsidies, industry status. GREE disclosed in September 1st letter, financial advisers, single silver long Zhuhai lithium titanate battery (batteries) company internal laboratory detection products have been third party institution and standard, compared with other mainstream power batteries, lithium titanate battery products for the disadvantages of lower energy density. On the Zhuhai silver long large subsidies, GREE electric reply, the report period of new energy vehicle subsidy policy on the sales of Zhuhai Silver Dragon played an important role in promoting the impact on operating performance is also greater. However, with the upgrading of technology and technology, the maturity of the upstream supporting industries, the scale effect of the gradual emergence of the industry to enhance the degree of concentration, Zhuhai silver dragon will gradually reduce dependence on subsidies. Qianhai Anbang lurking notably, Vanke equity dispute caused by the listed companies have consolidated a controlling stake. According to the 2016 semi annual report of GREE, the largest shareholder of GREE group, the second largest shares of Tokyo sea guarantees, Dong Mingzhu were holding 18.22%, respectively, 8.91% and 0.74%, a total of $27.87%. Such as the smooth passage of the transaction, GREE set

41Pay attention to the purchase of 12992 Hong Kong stocks rebound HSBC fell even after three|Pay attention to the purchase of 12992 Hong Kong stocks rebound HSBC fell even after three3

Pay attention to the purchase of 12992 HSBC rebound hot column capital flows thousands of thousands of stocks the latest Rating Rating diagnosis simulated trading client sina finance App Hong Kong stocks fell even after three: Live on-line blogger to guide Sina Hong Kong APP: real time market exclusive reference stocks also worth the investment? What’s the problem? Where is the future of the way out? Sina launched the "Hong Kong Hong Kong stocks as well as unattractive" discussion, with a rational and constructive attitude, welcome attention to Hong Kong stocks, concern of the capital market, Hong Kong stocks together for suggestions, seek the Hong Kong stock market tomorrow. Please to hkstock_biz@sina. BOC International Equity Derivatives co director Ye Huihao: the main financial data of all the mainland last month is better than market expectations. Which RMB new loans 948 billion 700 million yuan, higher than the expected $750 billion. Social financing scale of 1 trillion and 470 billion yuan, is expected to be $900 billion. M2 money supply rose 11.4% year on year, is expected to rise by 10.5%. Externally, the Bank of England today announced the decision, expected to maintain interest rates unchanged, but may expand the size of the debt buying. A shares today closed for a holiday, see a rebound in Hong Kong stock market fell for the three trading days after the. The Hang Seng index opened 46 points, after opening up more than 100 points. HSBC (0005) rose 1% to support large city. Yesterday, more than 6 million yuan of funds into the HSBC subscription card, main inflow of capital price and the price of a slight paste. Optimistic investors such as HSBC, may pay attention to HSBC subscription card (12992), the exercise price of 63.88 yuan, due in April 2017, 9 times the actual leverage. Yesterday also nearly 7 million yuan of funds into Tencent (0700) subscription card, into the most capital stock market. Tencent 209.8 yuan Takami this morning. Investors such as Tencent, Tencent can pay attention to the subscription card (12771), the exercise price of $220, due in September 2017, the actual leverage of 5 times. This information is an important statement by the Hongkong securities and Futures Commission licensed Boci Asia Ltd ("the company") issued, the content is for reference only, but does not guarantee that such information is absolutely correct, nor because of any inaccuracies or omissions caused by the loss of responsibility. This information does not constitute an offer, solicitation or recommendation, recommendation or recommendation for any investment transaction. Warrants ecological card is unsecured structured products, the company (the issuer) and non general persons other unsecured contractual liability, if the company is insolvent or default, investors may not be able to recover some or all accounts receivable. Past performance is not an indicator of future performance. CBBC warrant prices may fall rise, and expired on or before the expiration date will become valueless, causing loss of overall investment. Before investing, investors should carefully refer to the relevant documents listed (and any of the files of the appendix) details and related supplemental listing document contained warrants CBBC (including risk factors), fully understand the nature of the product and risk investment for your consideration of individual circumstances, if necessary, should consult a professional consultant. BOCI Securities Limited koron